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I don’t really have an organization that I post on social media for, but I do have an Instagram page for my poems (sometimes… they are more like just my random thoughts). I began my page almost a year ago now. I would love to be able to say that I have a crazy success story where I have been able to gain thousands of followers out of the 500 million users that are active per month (source), but the truth is, that sh*t is hard! You have over 95 million posts a day (Source). You have to post at the right time and use the right hashtags, and hope that it grabs at least 50 (that’s honestly pushing it), user’s attention before it gets lost in the world of insta. The other thing I have noticed is most followers prefer consistency, and sometimes it is just hard to get around to writing and posting (welcome to university life = no life).

My advice for anyone planning on starting a social media account to help get their stuff viewed would be that you have to be consistent, you have to post at the highest traffic times, and you have to use the best hashtags to go with your subject. For example, a foodie page should look at the top hashtags for food crazy users. Similarly, a fashion page would use top fashion hashtags; you know things like, #fashion which has 319,634,902 posts. According to an article about top hashtags for gaining followers directed towards new users, it states that #Love is the number one hashtag (Ayres, 2016).

I do plan on trying to post more during my winter break, but I doubt I will ever have enough time to gain as many followers as some of those pages out there (I have to be realistic with myself here).

Blanca Moreno


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What Has Social Media Done to Journalism?



We can now thank the US presidential election for making the next era of journalist’s life a living hell. The little bit of trust we had left from the very small handfuls of civilians that were left, has gone down significantly. I say this as an assumption because I honestly feel after reading an article on the subject, that people feel cheated by the media (Stonehill, 2016).

Although in the article it states that people have lost their trust in national news networks and the really fake stuff on TV (Fox news, anyone?) (Stonehill, 2016). However, according to a survey done in the UK, researchers found that 70% of adults do not trust journalists (Turvill, 2016).

So what is it that has caused us so much distrust? Perhaps, it isn’t the journalists fault, but the information they are receiving that is costing them their job. The main problem people are having with this, is that it is a journalist’s duty to find the truth, but with so much competition out there currently, especially thanks to how accessible social media has become; time is of the essence for a journalist to get their story out first. Therefore, who is to blame? When people no longer care about a reputable source, they “sheeple” believe anything that gets published on the internet. For this reason, journalists are walking on egg shells as of late, but not to worry soon enough there will be a few really good ones to come save the day!

Blanca Moreno


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“Steph Curry with the Shots Boy” – Drake



Steph Curry is a point guard for the Golden State Warriors known for his flawless shots; normally averaging at 22 shots per game (Ott, 2016), (which apparently is really good!), due to this and so many of his other achievements, it can be assumed that the twenty-eight-year-old basketball pro has gained his popularity and significance for breaking records.

When Curry, who is often the source for many lyrics in different rap songs thanks to his bomb shooting skills takes a moment to relax off the court; he tends to stay relevant on his social media accounts. Curry usually posts once or twice a day for his 7.66 million followers on Twitter. His beautiful wife Ayesha Curry, is also a religious poster delivering for her 4.4 million followers on Instagram. Ayesha is followed mainly for her cooking channel; however, that number does not compare to her celebrity ballplayer hubby’s 13.9 million on Instagram.

Curry’s most current project (to add more to his reign) is the new social media site that allows “professional athletes interact with their fans online” (Kendall, 2016). This site is assumed to continue to grow in numbers because now more than ever fans have just that little bit more of access to their fav player; as one user, and fan of the “social media startup” stated that the interaction was “just like having a normal conversation” (Kendall, 2016).

Although, Curry maintains a large following on social media, he also has a quite a bit of competitors such as Carmelo Anthony, a forward for the New York Knicks who stands at 8.5 million followers on Twitter, passing Curry by a little bit; however, on Instagram only 4.5 million when compared to Curry’s number.


Blanca Moreno

Check Curry’s Insta here

Check Curry’s Twitter Here

Check Anthony’s Twitter Here



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A Shot at Alt-Right Totalitarianism with Tila Tequila

A Shot at Alt-Right Totalitarianism with Tila Tequila

IMAGE taken from Tila Tequila’s Website, where she is currently bragging about an up-coming guest appearance at the National Policy Institute in D.C.

Tila Tequila, otherwise known as the self proclaimed, “Alt-Reich Queen,” has recently made waves-no, tsunamis- in social media by posting photo of her and other attendees performing a notorious Third Reich salute at an alt-right National Policy Institute conference. Wow. So trendy.

Tila has been a social media mogul since becoming one of My Spaces first superstars.(Back when 1,000 followers made you a superstar.) Since inevitably falling out of the spot light post porn career, reality television and singing career misfires, Tila has been attempting to regain her celebrity status through the Nazi internet troll category. In 2013, she screamed for attention by embracing her Nazism through comments sympathizing with Hilter which consequently, yet not surprisingly, resulted in her being kicked off Big Brother.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 11.20.50 PM.png
One of Tila’s last tweets

Since basically sabotaging any shot at positive fame, Tila has been an unfiltered showcase of racism and hate speech. Although previous Racist remarks directed towards Jennifer Lopez through Twitter weren’t enough to push social media ethical barriers, Tila found a way to further solidify her infamy with her recent Nazi salutation photograph in November.

Tila was obviously reprimanded by Twitter for being an actual twit, but what grounds exactly did Twitter have to go after the clearly attention desperate porn star turned mother of one? There are a lot of hateful people online, but they seem to continue to post daily. How did they silence Tila?

It is likely Twitter suspended the former reality star for promoting hate speech and neo Nazism but specifics in this case are still uncertain. This uncertainty in whether Tila has been banned or suspended from Twitter is due to a policy in which Twitter does not comment on individual users for privacy and security reasons. Twitter has come under frequent fire for its failure to address abuse on its platform. The social media platform recently enlisted a new anti-harassment tack, which is evidence that the company is positively trying to combat its users hate speech and general stupidity.

Before being suspended/banned, Tequila’s account bio read “Alt-reich queen! Literally Hitler!”.  Again, super cool.

It’s unclear whether this façade is a desperate plea by Tila just to claw her gel nailed paws back into the sub light of stardom or if she truely has embraced true Neo Nazi alt right ideologies. We can be sure that Tila’s madness is exponential since her rise to “fame” and that being an a twat on Twitter isn’t as acceptable as it used to be. 



Is print media dead? Nah.

Is print media dead? Nah.

At least not yet, anyways.

As long as there is an audience for print media, it won’t go away. Rather, as long as it is a viable business practice to maintain an actual, tangible printed media outlet, it won’t go away.

Print media is only barely holding onto life as it is, but that doesn’t mean papers are going to be obsolete in the next year. Perhaps there is a certain generation of people who value print media in a way newer generations don’t. It certainly doesn’t appeal to many of us in academia, because we can have instant access to the media we want, wherever we want. So why would we seek out a hard copy?

Admittedly, there is something to seeing a newsletter/newspaper/magazine on a stand and wanting to pick it up, or having something real and tangible in your hands.

This is why I think print books will never go extinct. Book lovers have fully embraced e-readers as a viable way to read their stories, but any book lover will tell you that they are proud to have a library of their past adventures.

In terms of news print, it’s all business.

Cover photo by Victor Carreon Flickr CC BY NC

Print vs. Digital: The Sustainability Perspective

Print vs. Digital: The Sustainability Perspective

In the pursuit of “Going Green”, digital media has become a popular method of communication. But avoiding the environmental impact of print media is not as simple as going paperless. But the push to go paperless leaves consumers and producers with a “false dilemma” where print media has a strictly negative impact and digital media has a strictly positive impact. This dilemma arises from the newness of digital media; there is less available research on the environmental impact of digital media, and the consumption of digital media is still driven by the desire to avoid the impact of print media.

There are many aspects of wastefulness to consider.

Assessing the impact of print media is easily done due to the tangible nature of the product; trees are a renewable resource. Comparatively, digital media publishing has no consistent measurement system and so we are unable to determine exactly how large its impact is. The hardware produced to run computers, phones, tablets, and other technology requires almost as much energy to recycle as it does to produce. Distribution, maintenance, and energy used to run the technology are also factors.

Some of the benefits of digital media to a consumer are portability and affordability. But many readers and book lovers find sentiment and connectedness in a printed book that cannot be replaced by digital e-books. Although no two readers are the same, and just as there are some readers who prefer printed books, there are certainly other who prefer the electronic counterpart.

Considering the many different ways each media impacts the environment, and the need to satisfy consumer desire and demand, focusing on making both forms of media sustainable is arguably the best way to ensure all consumed media is, in fact, sustainable.




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Is Snapchat as private as we want it to be?

Is Snapchat as private as we want it to be?

Snapchat is one of those new and emerging social media platforms we keep hearing about. It’s gotten a huge user base that has been growing since it launched in 2011 and is still growing and has new features being added constantly (see the cover photo above.)

The app’s initial success was due to its strong commitment to discretion; you send a message/snap and it will self-destruct after it is opened. This, of course, opened itself up to an audience that needed discretion most: sexters.

(I’m not too sure if sexter is what you call someone who sends sexy texts but for the sake of this post they are.)

Regardless, sexting had become a dangerous and lawless practice, mostly on account of scandalous pictures being saved and distributed by evil, soulless people. So, Snapchat had become an instant favourite platform for the nude photo takers.

More recently, Snapchat has found itself in the position of one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of users. As such, Snapchat most likely deduced that not all those millions of users were sending sensitive photos, but rather just communicating in a fun and spontaneous way.

Also, Snapchat has appealed to many big companies as a venue for advertisement and content distribution. Of those companies are Vice, National Geographic, Comedy Central, and more.

Snapchat has since added new features to the app, such as face filters, screenshot capabilites, and snap replays.

Obviously,the replay function and screenshot function were big concerns to those who used Snapchat for private conversations, and instead of being totally private, those who replayed or screencapped the message would notify the sender, thus telling the sender that someone has pulled off a screencap heist.

There is even some third party apps that can screenshot all of the snaps you receive without notifying the sender.

It just goes to show that nowadays, not even the safe option is safe.

I’d say that the only safe thing to do is to start sending nudie pics by pigeon courier coups.