What Has Social Media Done to Journalism?



We can now thank the US presidential election for making the next era of journalist’s life a living hell. The little bit of trust we had left from the very small handfuls of civilians that were left, has gone down significantly. I say this as an assumption because I honestly feel after reading an article on the subject, that people feel cheated by the media (Stonehill, 2016).

Although in the article it states that people have lost their trust in national news networks and the really fake stuff on TV (Fox news, anyone?) (Stonehill, 2016). However, according to a survey done in the UK, researchers found that 70% of adults do not trust journalists (Turvill, 2016).

So what is it that has caused us so much distrust? Perhaps, it isn’t the journalists fault, but the information they are receiving that is costing them their job. The main problem people are having with this, is that it is a journalist’s duty to find the truth, but with so much competition out there currently, especially thanks to how accessible social media has become; time is of the essence for a journalist to get their story out first. Therefore, who is to blame? When people no longer care about a reputable source, they “sheeple” believe anything that gets published on the internet. For this reason, journalists are walking on egg shells as of late, but not to worry soon enough there will be a few really good ones to come save the day!

Blanca Moreno


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