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I don’t really have an organization that I post on social media for, but I do have an Instagram page for my poems (sometimes… they are more like just my random thoughts). I began my page almost a year ago now. I would love to be able to say that I have a crazy success story where I have been able to gain thousands of followers out of the 500 million users that are active per month (source), but the truth is, that sh*t is hard! You have over 95 million posts a day (Source). You have to post at the right time and use the right hashtags, and hope that it grabs at least 50 (that’s honestly pushing it), user’s attention before it gets lost in the world of insta. The other thing I have noticed is most followers prefer consistency, and sometimes it is just hard to get around to writing and posting (welcome to university life = no life).

My advice for anyone planning on starting a social media account to help get their stuff viewed would be that you have to be consistent, you have to post at the highest traffic times, and you have to use the best hashtags to go with your subject. For example, a foodie page should look at the top hashtags for food crazy users. Similarly, a fashion page would use top fashion hashtags; you know things like, #fashion which has 319,634,902 posts. According to an article about top hashtags for gaining followers directed towards new users, it states that #Love is the number one hashtag (Ayres, 2016).

I do plan on trying to post more during my winter break, but I doubt I will ever have enough time to gain as many followers as some of those pages out there (I have to be realistic with myself here).

Blanca Moreno


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