Why the media failed us

Why the media failed us

The polls were wrong.

The media were wrong

And people all around the world were blindsided.

But they shouldn’t have been.

Fortune.com calls it an “inescapable fact” that the media couldn’t report on a potential Trump win because the media “simply couldn’t believe it”. The article continues to talk about how easy it is to put ourselves in a media “bubble”, and to “preach to the converted”.

That bubble that we tend to put ourselves in (if you identify as a conservative, it is likely you follow conservative media personalities and platforms because they resonate with you, and why would you follow a republican with whom you disagree with on most issues? Why would you subject yourself to that on your personal social media?) is a dangerous side effect of social media. But, we ultimately put ourselves there. What happens, though, when every mainstream media outlet is actively anti-Trump, or pro-Clinton, or both?

In this election, the media sheltered us from the truth. Why? Perhaps it is because the media was afraid to appear racist, sexist, bigoted, etc. Or maybe it just didn’t want to show any form of support for someone they thought embodied those qualities. But what we missed as media consumers, was news like this:



Donald Trump Hands Out Supplies to Louisiana Flood Victims | NBC News

I am not arguing in support of Trump. I am not trying to prove that the media painted him as something he isn’t. But I do think the media fed us an image, an idea, an opinion…when the media’s role is to provide us with unbiased information, and the chance to decide on our own.

This election proved to me, and to a lot of media consumers, that now, more than ever, we must be weary of the information that is being given to us. It is up to us to ensure that we are responsible, independent, and free-thinking media consumers.


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