The end of my first blogging semester

Well, my first and probably only semester at MacEwan University has almost come to an end. Nostalgia all over, but I mostly want to reflect how much this semester has affected me and even my online persona. But not without thanking all of you for actively participating in this exercise and being able to have open discussions with you in class. According to Faculty Focus, there are 10 benefits to this. It adds interest, engagement, it gives Neill and us feedback on how we are doing, it promotes preparation, keeps us active, balances out who was speaking, encourages dialogue, improves speaking skills and it gives us the chance to talk the talk of online communication. This was a very long list, but I cannot do anything else but agree with it.

When I came to Edmonton in September, I was very unsure about what to expect. I had been taking a study break for a year, so my analyzing skills and pedantic skills were rather rusty. All of a sudden I had to activate my twitter again, learn how use Storify, write blogs on online communication. It all was so much more engaging than what I was used to. It forced me to get out of my offline bubble and explore the medium a lot more. This was fun for the most parts, except for following Trump on social media for 2,5 weeks. That is an experience I rather forgot, although I do see the educational benefits of seeing the embodiment of how not to act in public.

Writing these blogs for the last couple of months was a nice change of pace. Just being able to let your mind wonder off in the depths of the internet to find a suitable subject to write about is a soothing practice when you are stressing out over exams and deadlines. But most importantly, what have I learned over these months? Well mostly that I am quite the grumpy old man when it concerns social media. I am not apt in it and I long for better more simpler times. However, being able to still see what you guys are up to when I am back home again is quite a nice tool.

For now I bid you all farewell and let me end with a quote from the brilliant mind of Khloe Kardashian : “Now we have so many more social outlets, so many ways to be stalked and bullied. If social media is too much for you to handle, then don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account. Just be yourself. Be who you want to be.”



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