Is Snapchat as private as we want it to be?

Is Snapchat as private as we want it to be?

Snapchat is one of those new and emerging social media platforms we keep hearing about. It’s gotten a huge user base that has been growing since it launched in 2011 and is still growing and has new features being added constantly (see the cover photo above.)

The app’s initial success was due to its strong commitment to discretion; you send a message/snap and it will self-destruct after it is opened. This, of course, opened itself up to an audience that needed discretion most: sexters.

(I’m not too sure if sexter is what you call someone who sends sexy texts but for the sake of this post they are.)

Regardless, sexting had become a dangerous and lawless practice, mostly on account of scandalous pictures being saved and distributed by evil, soulless people. So, Snapchat had become an instant favourite platform for the nude photo takers.

More recently, Snapchat has found itself in the position of one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of users. As such, Snapchat most likely deduced that not all those millions of users were sending sensitive photos, but rather just communicating in a fun and spontaneous way.

Also, Snapchat has appealed to many big companies as a venue for advertisement and content distribution. Of those companies are Vice, National Geographic, Comedy Central, and more.

Snapchat has since added new features to the app, such as face filters, screenshot capabilites, and snap replays.

Obviously,the replay function and screenshot function were big concerns to those who used Snapchat for private conversations, and instead of being totally private, those who replayed or screencapped the message would notify the sender, thus telling the sender that someone has pulled off a screencap heist.

There is even some third party apps that can screenshot all of the snaps you receive without notifying the sender.

It just goes to show that nowadays, not even the safe option is safe.

I’d say that the only safe thing to do is to start sending nudie pics by pigeon courier coups.




One thought on “Is Snapchat as private as we want it to be?

  1. It’s so interesting how willing we truly are to forgo privacy online. Snapchat has created this cushion that makes us think we can get away with sharing content completely consequence free. I read on The Tech Crunch that Snap Chat was literally made to send nudes that wouldn’t leave a permanent paper trail. Later on, it became a mogul for adulterers to discretely cheat on their s/o without any evidence. Now, it has turned into an amazing resource to take selfies (That Blue Filter tho). It’s weird that Snapchat is being used to advertise now, as I really dont think anyone on Snap cares to see commercials while tapping through stories. Snapchat took a long time to get up and running, and took even longer to gain the attention of so many users. Obviously, they have created a threatening empire as just this past week Instagram adapted the “disposable” sharing concept as you can now send Snapchat style photos over Instagram, and Facebook’s “live streaming” seems very much like a reaction to Snapchat user’s interest in creating “stories”. I’m interested to see how Snaphat progresses from here, as they seem to sneakily be becoming a major influencer for bigger social media sites!
    Here’s the article I was reading:


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