Is print media dead? Nah.

Is print media dead? Nah.

At least not yet, anyways.

As long as there is an audience for print media, it won’t go away. Rather, as long as it is a viable business practice to maintain an actual, tangible printed media outlet, it won’t go away.

Print media is only barely holding onto life as it is, but that doesn’t mean papers are going to be obsolete in the next year. Perhaps there is a certain generation of people who value print media in a way newer generations don’t. It certainly doesn’t appeal to many of us in academia, because we can have instant access to the media we want, wherever we want. So why would we seek out a hard copy?

Admittedly, there is something to seeing a newsletter/newspaper/magazine on a stand and wanting to pick it up, or having something real and tangible in your hands.

This is why I think print books will never go extinct. Book lovers have fully embraced e-readers as a viable way to read their stories, but any book lover will tell you that they are proud to have a library of their past adventures.

In terms of news print, it’s all business.

Cover photo by Victor Carreon Flickr CC BY NC


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