Head to Head (Again): Ellen vs. Oprah

Head to Head (Again): Ellen vs. Oprah

It’s Oprah Winfrey versus Ellen DeGeneres in this Head to Head battle (But not really)

It’s actually Oprah.com versus ellentv.com

Spoiler alert: ellentv.com wins by a landslide. But before I get into the action, I should provide some context.

You don’t need to look too hard to find some tips and tricks for curating the best website. And for the most part the online community holds the same general opinions about what a good website looks like and how users are able to interact with it.

Some highlights:

1. Responsive design

This means that the website is “easily viewable and usable” (10 Website Trends for 2016) on any device. Ellen’s website is a successful example of this. On a mobile device, the page shrinks to fit the screen and is easy to scroll through. My only “issue” is that you had to scroll back to the top to find the menu.

2. A website isn’t enough

The Internet is a big place. So it’s important to also be active on social media, and use those platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to direct users back to your website. Both website’s do this on Twitter and Instagram. However, Ellen also has an app, and Oprah does not.

3. Looks matter

The desktop version of Oprah.com looks like it was designed for viewing on mobile devices. The menu bar is a tiled layout instead of a list; the content doesn’t fill the entire browser page (two thick, grey and empty side panels are on either side of the page content); and what is left of the page for content is another sidebar for advertising. Overall, the page feels empty and looks unprofessional.

4. Content

Oprah.com is easily 1/2 advertising. Although ellentv.com has advertising as well, it didn’t feel as congested.


Overall, ellentv.com takes this battle. There is more interactive content, the design is brighter and more polished, and it doesn’t feel like an advertising gimmick.





commonplaces.com lists 10 Website Trends for 2016

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