Farewell BCSC202, It’s Been a Slice

Farewell BCSC202, It’s Been a Slice

Whoa would you look at that! It’s our last class! This semester really flew by and it’s hard to believe that finals start next week…yikes.

Throughout this semester this blog has given me, and I’m sure many of you, a solid break from our regular school routine. Instead of sitting down with a textbook and (pretending) to read in an effort to absorb all that glorious knowledge, we got to write.

And not just that nitty-gritty APA format fun stuff we all love so much, but write about things we found interesting. Of course that being said it had to relate back to our course…this wasn’t hard to do though. Literally EVERYTHING in today’s world has some tie back to social media, online media or communications in general.

Being able to read all my classmates posts and their insights on such a wide variety of topics was honestly so cool. Everyone has such unique opinions, interests and ideas that no two blog post was the same, and made for much more interesting reads.

So thanks for the rad reads guys. Catch you next semester and good luck on those nasty finals!



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