Checking in at Standing Rock on Facebook

Checking in at Standing Rock on Facebook

Standing Rock, North Dakota has been the home of the latest pipeline protest and has re-opened the discussion of native american rights and land, both at the site of the protest and online.

Particularity, the protest has resonated with Canadians, despite technically being an issue in North Dakota, due to it’s grander implications within the native american communities as a whole.

Many folks have used Facebook’s check-in function to try to confuse local authorities who were trying to gauge the protest turnout. It has since been debunked, as there is ways around outsider check-in influence through something called geofencing.

More than confusing authorities, the check-ins from Facebook have served as something more than just a status update.

It has proved that people can take advantage of new online social media tools to engage with a global community and be involved in protest movements, even if they are countries away.

Many people have abused this feature in the past as well. During natural disasters or other events in which people were in danger, such as the terror attack in Nice, France.

Facebook continues to experiment with new tools and features and users are constantly finding new ways to use and abuse them.



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