A Shot at Alt-Right Totalitarianism with Tila Tequila

A Shot at Alt-Right Totalitarianism with Tila Tequila

IMAGE taken from Tila Tequila’s Website, where she is currently bragging about an up-coming guest appearance at the National Policy Institute in D.C.

Tila Tequila, otherwise known as the self proclaimed, “Alt-Reich Queen,” has recently made waves-no, tsunamis- in social media by posting photo of her and other attendees performing a notorious Third Reich salute at an alt-right National Policy Institute conference. Wow. So trendy.

Tila has been a social media mogul since becoming one of My Spaces first superstars.(Back when 1,000 followers made you a superstar.) Since inevitably falling out of the spot light post porn career, reality television and singing career misfires, Tila has been attempting to regain her celebrity status through the Nazi internet troll category. In 2013, she screamed for attention by embracing her Nazism through comments sympathizing with Hilter which consequently, yet not surprisingly, resulted in her being kicked off Big Brother.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 11.20.50 PM.png
One of Tila’s last tweets

Since basically sabotaging any shot at positive fame, Tila has been an unfiltered showcase of racism and hate speech. Although previous Racist remarks directed towards Jennifer Lopez through Twitter weren’t enough to push social media ethical barriers, Tila found a way to further solidify her infamy with her recent Nazi salutation photograph in November.

Tila was obviously reprimanded by Twitter for being an actual twit, but what grounds exactly did Twitter have to go after the clearly attention desperate porn star turned mother of one? There are a lot of hateful people online, but they seem to continue to post daily. How did they silence Tila?

It is likely Twitter suspended the former reality star for promoting hate speech and neo Nazism but specifics in this case are still uncertain. This uncertainty in whether Tila has been banned or suspended from Twitter is due to a policy in which Twitter does not comment on individual users for privacy and security reasons. Twitter has come under frequent fire for its failure to address abuse on its platform. The social media platform recently enlisted a new anti-harassment tack, which is evidence that the company is positively trying to combat its users hate speech and general stupidity.

Before being suspended/banned, Tequila’s account bio read “Alt-reich queen! Literally Hitler!”.  Again, super cool.

It’s unclear whether this façade is a desperate plea by Tila just to claw her gel nailed paws back into the sub light of stardom or if she truely has embraced true Neo Nazi alt right ideologies. We can be sure that Tila’s madness is exponential since her rise to “fame” and that being an a twat on Twitter isn’t as acceptable as it used to be. 








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