Newspapers – a bygone of an old age


Newspapers are cumbersome and irrelevant in this technological age. Though, to be fair, newspapers are handy for individuals who don’t have access to online mediums to acquire their news. Most of the population has some device that they can receive news on, whether it’s through Facebook or a newspaper website, such as the Edmonton Journal.

The disparity between the Edmonton Journal’s online and print presence is obvious. There is one print form of the newspaper, and a plethora of online mediums. You can view the Edmonton Journal on their website from both a desktop or a mobile, from an ePaper subscription, or even from a tablet device such as an Amazon Kindle. Newspapers have become impractical and obsolete when you can receive the news through the press of a button. Navigating an online version is also easier than flipping through the cumbersome pages of a newspaper. If you’re short on time, the online platforms are the way to go.

Michelle Harmon, a teacher of young journalist students, asked their preference between online or print media. Harmon stated that she “assumed that once we went digital in class with the news reading process, that my younger journalists would instantly want to read the digital news from that point forward.  I was wrong.  Many of them still prefer the print edition.” (2013).

Personally, I usually receive my news online, though I can see the appeal of a printed edition. There is a sense of rituality that cannot be replaced through online mediums. Unfolding the newspaper carefully so as to avoid tearing the pages, flipping to the comic section to start your day with a laugh, a feeling of credibility arises from holding the thin paper in your hands. This contrasts with the feeling of doubt and uncertainty that the internet can provide us with. If you prefer receiving your news online, you must get it from a trusted source, or you could end up with false news cluttering your feed.


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Harmon, M. (2013). What do students prefer reading — online or print news? An anecdotal response. Retrieved from:


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