It Could Have Been Me? It WAS Me!

It Could Have Been Me? It WAS Me!

Trigger warning: I’m about to release my inner fan girl again on you guys for the final time this semester.


On Saturday November 12, British glam-rock band, The Struts, played at The Starlite Room here in Edmonton. The show was a velvet, glitter filled dance party that nobody wanted to end.

The following day I posted a picture on my Instagram of the lead singer, Luke Spiller, and tagged him. Later in the day I still wasn’t over the concert and took to another form of social media to let out my giddiness. So I tweeted two other pictures from the night of some friends and I with the bass player, Jed Elliot, and Luke Spiller outside after the show. Again I tagged the band member in the pictures.

Two days later I was out with some friends when I decided to check Instagram. To my surprise Luke Spiller had liked my picture of him!


Within seconds of me realizing this I got a notification from Twitter that he had also favourited my tweet! I was so excited I texted my friend who had gone to the concert with me.


Thankfully she was just as excited as me and decided to tweet Spiller as well in the hopes of getting some acknowledgement.

He ended up favouriting her tweet later that day. She sent me a giddy text full of excitement, probably very similar to the one I had sent her earlier. And that’s when I realized this really didn’t make me as cool as I thought it did.

Acknowledgment from our favourite celebrities is something probably most of us have dreamed of at some point. Social media brings us closer then ever before. Not only can us regular folk follow their every move and see what their glamorous life is full of, but now we can actually reach out to them. Public platforms like Instagram and Twitter have broken the barrier that exists between us (normal people) and them (celebrities), allowing for easy interaction.

I realized that it didn’t make me special because Spiller had acknowledged me; instead he was using this feeling I had initially felt to secure his fans. By reaching back out to what people had tagged him in Spiller was not only breaking the barrier, but also ensuring that his fans knew their efforts weren’t going unnoticed. And that’s a good feeling.

To be recognized, even if it is in mass, is what fuels fandom. Maybe Spiller and I will never bond over our love for velvet and all things sparkly. In all honesty, he probably forgot all about my picture seconds after he saw it. What can’t be overlooked is the conscious effort he made to acknowledge his fans and show his appreciation for them, even if it is just through a like or a favourite. He humbled himself by showing his fans that he isn’t above noticing them.

That’s pretty dope if you ask me.



3 thoughts on “It Could Have Been Me? It WAS Me!

  1. I’ve always wondered how a celebrity manages their social media every day. Can you imagine watching your phone blow up with likes and comments instantly after posting on social media?

    Really good post, Jessy! I think this is a dream of many. Its cool too because it makes us realize how some of our favorite celebrities are also human. I think we sometimes imagine they live in a completely alternate universe. Have you ever had any other contact with celebrities or musicians?


  2. I agree with Sam. Sometimes I wonder what a celebrity’s phone looks like after receiving a plethora of “likes” from fans. I’ve seen celebrities’ Instagram posts literally one second after being posted, and it’s crazy to see that their “likes” are already in the hundreds!


  3. That feeling of being able to connect with your favourite artists is the coolest, even if it’s just from a like! Not going to lie, when Jed liked my photo on Instagram, I nearly died… Shout out to the Struts and all those bands who make the effort to make fans feel like they are being heard.

    BTW- I’ll miss your fangirl posts.


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