Sports + Social Media = ?

Social media is often used similarly across different walks of life. Social media is used to connect with those close to you, to share your life and experiences with others. Sports teams can be categorized under that as well, though the difference lies in their followers. Sports teams use social media as a platform to connect with their fanbase, and to promote their team in the best light possible.

A good way to encourage fan engagement is through user-generated content, or posts that followers can respond to. Nothing captures a followers interest like a special contest, or a post that will listen to their opinions. As Ganguly (2015) says, “When your fans contribute to the content on your page, they’re likely to engage and get their friends to join in.”

Sports teams want their fans to have access to their teams, to feel connected and apart of their sports journey. Fans are invested in their chosen teams – though ‘invested’ can be considered a weak term in some cases – and want to know what’s going on. One successful campaign that facilitates fan engagement is the CFL’s #isitjuneyet campaign, promoted to build excitement for its season opener.

According to Fidelman, “Hashtag results from Keyhole reveal over 730 posts from 572 users and 1.4 million impressions in just the final weeks of the campaign.” (2015). This campaign worked so well due to getting this hashtag out there through the support of the athletes, the media, and the fans. In the end, it all comes back to the fan base. Is the content engaging? Entertaining? Boring? Having a happy fan base equals a happy sports team, and a happy marketing team.


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