Social Media for Organizations

Many companies and organizations today use social media to promote their company/ organization name and brand. Many companies have successfully been able to promote their companies/ organization through social media. Take for example, the popular diaper brand, Pampers, posted this on twitter

Their target audience is obviously parents and soon-to-be parents, but when they advertise their product like this , using the picture of a cute baby people would find hard to unlike or using such words as “little miracle” in the tweet, its seems that they are able to reach out to a general audience and not just parents.

Another example would be a  company called Always. Its #LikeAGirl campaign, which supports gender equality, caught fire and placed  the brand as a company that truly cares about its clients/customers.

They were successful with this campaign because it is a topic that still needs to be addressed in this day and age where girls are told they can’t do “boy stuff” or women can’t do “men jobs”. I personally thought that we are passed that age where a women are presumed to be weak beings and still need to follow “tradition”, but I was surprised to see that there are still a lot of people with an 18th century mindset.

Posting adverts and campaigns like this on various social media outlets in such a way that makes it relatable to the customers is more likely to affect the brand and company name in a more positive way than negative.






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