This Girl Can

This Girl Can

In today’s post I want to tackle an example of a successful sports campaign that makes use of social media. Sport England started a campaign in 2015 with the title “This Girl Can”. The approach was to motivate women to participate in sports in general, while it was noteworthy since the producer of the campaign did not focus on super fit models. The women in the visuals look like average people who are also the campaign’s target group.

This was one of the campaign’s advertisements that received a lot of positive feedback. Not just in terms of views, but also the comments were overly positive.

The campaign also has a Facebook page called “This Girl Can” and is still active. The profile continuously posts content and often uses quotes from their followers, which also get positive responses. Many users don’t just comment the content, but also post own pictures of their workouts what further contributes to the page.


2 thoughts on “This Girl Can

  1. Sounds like a cool campaign. I like how social media is using regular, everyday models to appeal to their audience, rather than the classic method of using “beautiful people”. Kinda shows the way our culture is changing, doesn’t it?


  2. This is an awesome campaign! It’s not often that you see an average women being the face of an advertisement. I think that this campaign not only sends out a positive message but it invites conversation. I am beginning to see more and more advertisements where advertisers are stepping out of the norm of using models to represent activities that are targeted towards a larger audience.I think this works because not only does it attract the average person more, but it also promotes people to go and share their experiences with similar people on social media, in a sense creating a new community with-like minded people.


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