The Importance of Maintaining a Business Facebook Page


Business page insights on Facebook

By: Kayleigh MacKay

The bare minimum of social media use by businesses is maintaining a Facebook page; I would say Facebook is the most important social media platform for organizations to have. (It always seems weird to me when a store or a restaurant doesn’t have a Facebook page; I kind of doubt the legitimacy of the business.) And Facebook might be the most useful social platform for businesses, due to the number of online traffic measurement tools available. They have so much data to offer businesses to help them with their social media marketing: stats about page views, page likes, reach, post engagements, actions on the page, performance of each type of post, when your fans are online, the country, gender, and language of your fans, and so on (Facebook Business, 2016). Having a Facebook business page is the first step, using it is the second, and tracking the analytics is the third. Organizations can track which posts are more successful than others, if they’re reaching the people they want to, and whether they are reaching fans organically or by paid means. A 2016 paper explores the effectiveness of social media for businesses, and recommends using social media as a tracking system to monitor online attention of specific products (Icha & Edwin, 2016). Then businesses can compare this data to actual in-store sales of the product, which should let them know if their social media use is having actual monetary benefits or not. Apart from the dollar amount Facebook pages can bring in, the platform is a great way for organizations to connect to fans directly, twenty-four/seven.

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One thought on “The Importance of Maintaining a Business Facebook Page

  1. I completely agree with you when you say if a business doesn’t have a Facebook page you question its legitimacy. I understand that some small businesses don’t have the staff or budget put in place for running social media, but I don’t think there is any reason for a larger business not to have at least one running account. Facebook is probably one of the most widely used social media platforms and one that offers the most tools for businesses, so in my opinion not having an account as a larger business would be a major mistake!


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