Why I Like Donald J. Trump

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The orange haired phenomenon that is Donald J. Trump has stirred up quite a ruckus lately. Not only is he the new President-Elect of the United States of America, the way he has come so far is nothing short of astonishing. I, myself, saw it coming due to his unique way of tapping into the raw emotion and anger that exists in the States. Now this is not about me flaunting my knack for foreshadowing, but rather lay bare why we should compliment mister Trump on his campaign.

When Trump announced his candidacy for the Oval Office in June of 2015, everyone was a bit astonished. The Washington Post underlined this with references to his reputation for having a short fuse and the numerous celebrity-feuds he was embroiled in. However, what they also saw was the unparalleled name recognition and his powerful branding potential. And about that, they were not wrong. Donald Trump has his name on 40 buildings and golf clubs across the world, not to mention all the various products his name is tied to. So before I even delve into his social media presence, we can determine that Trump was a force to be reckoned with from the beginning.

The negative aspects that The Washington Post underlined are undeniably true, and we know this because we can still read it back today. His online persona has made numerous dubious comments on people and situations. Now, I don’t want to go on debating whether these are true or not or even debate his social integrity. However, what I do want to point out is that by making these comments, Trump has always evoked a reaction of some sorts. Whether it be some time on Wolf Blitzer or an interview with ABC’s This Week. Airtime he did not have to pay for, albeit it in a negative spotlight.

Now this is where I want to debate the potential genius with which Donald Trump has tackled this election. I say potential, because it will remain a mystery how much of it was intentional and how much was not. Donald Trump has an unparalleled online persona with 15.4 million likes on Facebook and 15.9 million followers on Twitter. His aforementioned short temper has been shared with all these followers one more than one occasion. Each time sparking a discussion between his supporters and his opponents, but it seems without very far-reaching repercussions for himself. And each time the media has obliged him by highlighting his tweets and Facebook posts, effectively giving him more and more name exposure. He does not even have to give an interview for people to discuss him or his comments. And to me, this is pure genius. He has successfully harnessed the power of social media and combined it with his anti-political behavior. And why do I say successfully? Well, it’s no longer Donald J. Trump, it is President-Elect Donald J. Trump.


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