Late Night’s Secret


The Internet has taken over a large portion of the attention that would have once been devoted to alternative forms of media. Instead of renting movies, we watch Netflix. Instead of reading a newspaper, we will read articles online.

Television has made a great fight to maintain some popularity by teaming up with the Internet. Part of its strategy to maintain its popularity is through viral videos. It is especially common in late night television programs to create funny sketches that feature A-list celebrities. They often get shared like crazy, and the show gets the promo it’s looking for. These skits will often dominate Facebook shares for the next week.

I am sure we have all watched or shared a few of these videos before. One of the most popular examples going right now are James Corden’s, Carpool Karaokes. He has had a number of the biggest icons sit in the passenger seat of his SUV and jam it out with him. Simple concept, but it’s almost always a hit. The one he did with Adele collected a crazy 134 million views since it was posted earlier this year.

Aside from the individual videos, most of the show’s YouTube channels have done a good job at racking up a solid number of subscribers. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon leads with pack with 12.4 million, and Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Late Late Show with James Corden both follow with just over 8 million.

By getting the attention of Internet users, this helps bring attention to the television show itself. If you like a video you see, you are more likely to give an episode a chance.

Also, one of my favourite videos from the Tonight Show would be when they did “Point Pleasant Police Department,” with comedian, Bill Hader. A few tears are shed every time I watch this.

Photo credit: Vanity Fair

By Victoria Dean


4 thoughts on “Late Night’s Secret

  1. I actually watch a lot of the late night shows on YouTube! Usually at night I’m too busy (or lazy) to actually watch it on TV. Having these clips on YouTube expands their audience, and let’s other people view their content who may not watch their shows regularly on TV.

    Also, Point Pleasant Police Department is hilarious!

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    1. I don’t blame you! Staying up to watch the Late Night television until 1AM just isn’t ideal with a busy schedule. Thank goodness YouTube has got our backs covered for keeping up with the funny segments!

      Also, I’m glad you agree about Point Pleasant Police Department! It kills me every time. They just did a new one with Kevin James, and it was so good!


  2. Late night television is an interesting television genre because it seems like it’s marked for such a specific audience, namely urban liberal millennials, but it draws in so many views. Colbert or Meyers’ monologues often focus on the same issues, with the same political slant, and just have different jokes, but you see both of them in the trending section on YouTube in the day after they’re posted. It’s also interesting to see almost journalistic pieces from Meyers and Oliver, and how they are by far some of the most popular videos on their respective channels. I wonder if it’s like you suggest and they draw in people wth the skits they do and celebrities they bring. Regardless, it’s fascinating to see how well they’ve all taken advantage of YouTube which is a strong contributor to their success.

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    1. I’d say John Oliver is one of the best. His rants are educational, but his delivery makes it so funny! I really enjoy that a majority of the hosts make jokes about the latest political news a priority in their monologues. It kind of takes a light-hearted view on serious matters that are going on around the world.


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