Have You Seen Denny’s Tumblr? It’s a Disaster and I Love it.

Seriously go look at it. I’ll wait.  http://blog.dennys.com/


Okay so now that you’ve looked at it, lets talk about it. All of their social media accounts are quirky, but their Tumblr blows my mind. I cannot decide if they are trying to appeal to the ‘kids on the Interwebs’ or if the person running it is just a beautiful soul. Taken from The Daily Dot Article Denny’s Became Tumblr’s Diner, Fernando Alfonso III quotes Digg’s social media editor Veronica de Souza saying “I think Denny’s has the best brand Tumblr I’ve ever seen. It’s not desperate or fake or trying to hard. It’s just simple, great content that gets people thinking about their brand”. According to the same article, Denny’s was voted the most engaged restaurant on Facebook in 2011.


This type of social media engagement can backfire fairly spectacularly (see virtually any Hillary Clinton twitter post attempting to relate to millennials). The content creator for Denny’s is acutely aware of this and has pushed the boundaries of irony and satire into something else entirely.


That haiku had over 20,000 notes. That’s a huge amount of engagement. The GIFs made for this page are so embarrassing they surpass cringe territory and enter a strange zone of irony and childish hilarity. The success of the blog has made it famous throughout the internet and that can only spell good things for the company. They regularly respond to questions asked by users on the blog, thus encouraging further engagement.



My fear is that other companies will see Denny’s social media savvy and attempt to duplicate it and just ruin everything, so hopefully you can enjoy watching them shitpost until then. I would recommend getting on the bandwagon before McDonald’s or something tries a similar strategy and butchers it. Honestly the hardest part of writing this was selecting posts to share, they are all gold.




Seriously, chicken poodle soup.









2 thoughts on “Have You Seen Denny’s Tumblr? It’s a Disaster and I Love it.

  1. That is so hilarious that a Denny’s haiku has 20,000 notes. I went to look at their tumblr page and, indeed, it is wonderful. Some of the posts are a little weak but there’s a lot of like bizarre, absurdist humour. I find when businesses use social media it’s either cringeworthy or totally boring, but I like when businesses try to do something different like what Denny’s is doing. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I agree with Kayleigh. I think Tumblr is the perfect online platform for absurdist humour, and Denny’s is absolutely using it to their advantage. I also find that this type of humour is very popular and resonates with a lot of people, and it’s evident that Denny’s social media team is comprised of people who know how to connect so well with Tumblr users.


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