A Semester in Review

A Semester in Review

Well, here we are. The final post. I’ve been considering all that I’ve learned over the past few months. I never really liked blogs before, but now I’m starting to see the fun in gathering my thoughts, putting on them on paper (an idiom I feel we should carry into the digital age… it just sounds better than “turning them into pixels”), and posting them for the world to see. It’s like Facebook, but more organized. Not every post was something I’m incredibly impassioned about, but I’ve come to understand more about the modern blogger. I’m even considering continuing my own blog, though my hatred of mainstream media continues and I refuse to sink to the levels of fake news and click-bait. So, here is a brief review of my posts thus far. If you’ve already read them all, you can keep scrolling; this one is mostly for me.

I wasn’t sure where to start with my first post, so I went with what I knew: sports. I found that sports teams and athletes can use social media to grow and interact with their fan base. I, for one, now get most of my NBA updates from The Starters on YouTube.


Next, I analyzed the twitter accounts of the cities of Edmonton and Toronto. While I confirmed that pictures help social media posts, I also decided that Twitter might not be my cup of tea, as most people agree that tweeting billions of times a day is the best way to get a following, and I just ain’t got the time for that.


I did a piece on the future of print. I concluded that print will never die; instead, it will become totally hipster and there will always be a niche for magazines in the big cities. My own opinion, of course.

My fourth piece critiqued the way the media was handling the election coverage, a theme that returned to my blog when I analyzed the response to Trump’s election. I still don’t think the media handled it right, but I don’t think they’re the reason Trump won. My most controversial moment was declaring that not all Trump supporters were homophobic misogynists.


Two of my posts talked about the issues I have with blogs themselves. One of them focused on iterative journalism, where people post first and ask questions later, and the other derided copy-cat websites and click-bait. Turns out pretty much everyone hates Buzzfeed.

And finally, I jotted down some of my thoughts on privacy in social media. I still don’t know exactly where I stand on that. I do believe that pretty much nothing we do makes our profiles completely private, but I’m not overly worried about that, either. I don’t really think privacy is the most important thing, but that’s just me.

So, what have I learned? I suppose I learned that, as much as I hate it, social media has irreversibly become a part of our lives. It’s like the necessary evil to which we all conform. Some people love media. Some people hate media. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid media. I can’t live with it, I can’t live without it. I dunno, maybe I’m a masochist.

-Your Friendly Neighbourhood Blogger,  Hyrum Sutton


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  1. A note from the author: Putting pictures into wordpress is annoying as freak. I had to edit this at least a dozen times to get the pictures to stop screwing with the text.

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