Makow vs. Zombo

By: Kayleigh MacKay

Before I could write this blog post, I needed to find an unsuccessful website. I thought about what I could search that would bring me to really unappealing website layouts, and the obvious choice came to mind: sites dedicated to conspiracy theories. So I began by looking for illuminati websites, and after a lot of random clicking through some bizarre and off-putting sites, I came across one that I disliked the most: The colour scheme is just the worst, and the layout is awkward and unbalanced; looking at this website for too long makes my eye twitch. There is no “about” page, so I was confused as to the point of the website’s existence, apart from “exposing feminism and the new world order.” I had to google Henry Makow and I think he is a professional (??) writer and general hate-speech-sayer. Regardless of the content, the site design is really unappealing and the formatting of the text is messed up on like every page… and there are only, like, four pages you can go to. There are a couple of links under the top banner to click on, and one of them—UW—takes you to a page with a weird video about how there are not enough dudes at the University of Winnipeg, then the video ends and you’re just left at this other site. I really dislike this website.


Now for a website where you can do anything. Anything at all. The only limit is yourself. Welcome, to ZomboCom. is my favourite. Sleek, sophisticated, to-the-point, ZomboCom has it all. Well, it has one joke that is not actually relevant anymore, but it’s still delightful. And I am only partly joking by naming this as my successful website, because, even though you can’t really do anything one the site, delivers on what it intends to do. A successful website should: (1) have a reason for existing, (2) not have an obnoxious design that makes the viewer angry, and (3) function properly. fails, passes. The unattainable is unknown at ZomboCom.

Best website runner-up:



3 thoughts on “Makow vs. Zombo

  1. As much as I love Garfield minus Garfield, I don’t know if I would say it is the best website. It lacks an archive page for people who want to pick out a particular comic to read which makes trying to read through the comics in more than one sitting a chore.

    However we can agree that Makow’s site is completely awful. That colour scheme makes my eyes hurt, and “UW” doesn’t even hint to the user what will happen if he or she clicks on it. Not to mention his eyes peeking out over the top of the page look very unnerving.


    1. I think that the designs of Garfield minus Garfield and manage to achieve more artistically than they loses out on in terms of functionality. The minimalism and single page format really matches the isolated and nihilist tone that the comic is known for. And Zombo? What more needs to be said. It’s a perfect site. For me, it’s a case of form matching content.

      And thank you Kayleigh for sharing that Makow site. I’ll (jokingly) argue that Makow is matching form to content as well. A garbage design to match his garbage beliefs.


  2. Visiting ZomboCom may have been one of the strangest experiences of my life. One of my favourites was always That site delivers in so many ways.


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