Web Design that Work’s and Doesn’t

Have you ever come across a website where you thought what is going on here?

Recently, as I went through the worst webpages on the internet I came across Ling’s Cars.  This website is genuinely one of the worst websites I’ve ever come across. There is so much wrong with this website.

Ling’s Cars Homepage


My initial reaction when visiting this website was hysterical laughter. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at or better listening to! This website is defiantly confusing, there is a big dog, a few random and fake flashing advertisements, a chicken in the corner, and oh don’t forget that random lady in the video singing.

The purpose of this website is to lease car’s. But there are so many unnecessary components that anything suggesting leased car’s is not seen. I believe that the idea behind the website was to make it unique and catchy, but in reality the distractions have taken away the website’s purpose and usability.

Things That Don’t Work:

  1. Bad choice of music
  2. Difficult navigation
  3. Improper use of colour
  4. Confusing layout
  5. Overuse of visuals

On the other hand, a really good example of a successful website is Airbnb. What really works for this website is that it serves its primary purpose and looks professional and organized. The high–definition picture and video quality make it visually appealing, especially against the websites solid coloured background. However, what really makes this website successful is its easy usability and smart autofill for logged in users.

Airbnb’s Homepage

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 9.19.42 PM.pngThings That Work:

  1. Easy navigation
  2. High-Definition visuals
  3. Proper use of visuals
  4. Proper use of colours
  5. Smart Autofill



The Escape – Ten Steps To A Successful Website. Retrieved from http://www.the-escape.co.uk/more/knowledge/top-ten-tips-for-a-successful-and-sustainable-web-presence

Amrit Kang


4 thoughts on “Web Design that Work’s and Doesn’t

  1. I always find website’s aesthetic appeals interesting, especially when they just don’t work. Looking at the screenshot of the poorly designed website was one thing. I was content to judge slightly from afar before your post mentioned listening to it. Meaning, that there was a soundtrack to this website that I needed to see firsthand. Clicking on the link, I realized I was completely unprepared. Not only was there confusing music but everything seemed to be spinning, flashing, moving, and generally distracting. I agree both that their intentions were to be eye-catching, and that their intentions didn’t exactly pan out.

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  2. I logged onto Ling’s Cars, and I’ve never felt more overwhelmed on any other site in my life. There is so much happening. Though I don’t think the hectic design is going to do his business any good, I doubt I’ll ever forget what an experience it was to analyze. I almost wonder if he’s joking around making it that insane looking. It does make it clear that a clean theme is much more effective!

    Great post! And thank you for bringing Ling’s Cars to my attention… I laughed pretty hard at the random music.

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  3. This is probably the best, worst, website design I have seen to date! Thank you for bringing this to our attention… it really is hilarious. I think in a way it brings in a lot of traffic based on how terribly bad the website is. So in a sense is bad web design a strategy for just simply gaining hits? Either way, great post!

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  4. Yikes! Someone needs to take the internet privileges away from whoever created that atrocity of a website! I feel like they got a dozen people in a room and told them to list off the first 10 things that they could think of…literally anything… and boom, you have Ling’s car rental. Complete with the rooster, cool dude in sunglasses and German Shepherd. Great find though, I really enjoyed your analysis!

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