More Than 6-Seconds of Fame

More Than 6-Seconds of Fame

Seeing the Vine-Era come to a close after only 3 short years is a tad heartbreaking. Aside from the loss of hilarious 6-second clips, Vine made an impact on a large number of hopeful entertainers.

Many of the more popular ‘Viners’ grew a following online by sharing their musical talents, or comedic skills. They’ve not only gained popularity and an outlet to get their name out there, but they’ve managed to make some cash for it.

By doing brand sponsored Vines, the ‘famous’ users could make anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 per Vine depending on who they were collaborating with. As of 2016, one of apps most popular creators, Nash Grier, has racked up a net worth of $3.1 million.

It has given a platform for so many to express themselves, and gain traction for their careers outside of just the walls of the Internet.

For example, in the last few years, Shawn Mendes has become one of the artists to dominate the Top 40 radio stations. But his musical stardom wasn’t launched traditionally. When Vine started up, a very young Mendes started posting clips of him singing that got the attention of some important people in the music business. This ultimately lead to a record deal, and now he’s reached global success. A similar situation happened with Edmonton singer-songwriter, Ruth B.

Now that Vine is on its final stretch, many users have turned to alternate popular platforms, like YouTube and Snapchat, to continue sharing content with their fan-bases.

Also, this is my all-time favourite Vine. I take credit for most of its 60,000,000 loops.

How cute is that?


By Victoria Dean


6 thoughts on “More Than 6-Seconds of Fame

  1. I don’t know whether to be happy I didn’t know about this until it was gone or sorry that it is gone before I had a chance to get to know it. It sure sounds like a fantastic way to get burgeoning talent in front of the people. I haven’t researched it yet but I am sure that this must have been a popular and well attended site so I can’t see it going without a replacement…can it?

    Thanks for the great post, I would comment on the dog vine post but I can’t make myself type that c*te word thing…



  2. Vine has defiantly been a great platform for young and new entertainers. I think it’s really sad that Vine is ending considering that it launched so many careers. My personal favourite Vine and now YouTube artist is Liza Koshy.

    However, like you said Snapchat is a great alternative to Vine! Both the video formats are somewhat similar and I have already seen many artists successfully switch over.

    P.S the dog video was adorable!


  3. I enjoyed Vine, and am pretty sad that it won’t be around anymore! I always thought Vine and Youtube were very similar, especially in regards to discovering talent. Mendes was discovered via Vine, and wasn’t Bieber discovered over YouTube? I’m sure many viners are making the switch to YouTube, it’s similar enough that they can still create similar content.

    Also, loved the dog vine! So cute!


  4. Vine was a great jump of point for a lot of online entertainers, and the users who achieved fame did so for reasons that traditionally never would have worked. Vine gave so many creative minds a stage to share their unique talents and became a jump off point for many Vine users successful online careers. Sadly though, because other sites such as YouTube are able to pay influential posters, many Vine stars took their followers and their talents to other platforms. It’s sad to see a outlet like Vine kick the bucket, but it wasn’t sustainable enough to continue propelling it’s user base. RIP Vine, we will miss your hilarious videos ❤


  5. Honestly, I wish I got into the whole Vine thing, cause it has such a low barrier of entry for making cool stuff. Youtube videos require you to edit all your own footage and it’s blah blah blah. Also Vine has opened up a new type of humor that I am 100% down for. Thanks for the good doggo Vine BTW!


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