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I am not sure when Instagram became just as much about the entire consistency of the profile as it is for each individual photo posted to be top-notch quality, but creating an “Instagram theme” has become a hit for users.

What does it mean to have an ‘theme’?

When scrolling through various Instagram accounts, you may notice that some users will post photos that all match each other, whether that be within the colour scheme, aesthetic, or what they choose to post about.

Many have developed themes because it looks clean and helps to attract the eye. It’s similar to when people advise others to blog about a consistent topic to engage a certain audience. Except in this case, it’s only done with photos.

Lots of these themes are developed by travel photographers, food enthusiasts, and fashion bloggers. Plenty of these accounts have racked up a strong following from people who are interested in their Instagram’s particular subject.

Considering Instagram is a powerful force in the social media branding world, many companies and people have taken the theme trend seriously. The concept of having a coordinated theme for their profiles presents an direct message to users of what they’re all about. Also, it appears more appealing and organized.

Here’s a few examples of some different types of themes:

  1. (@jedfranciscophoto)

Jed Elliott is a full time bassist in rock band, “The Struts,” and part time photographer. He has a secondary Instagram account where shares photos of his travels on tour.


2. (@moonshinedoughnuts)

Edmonton-based business, Moonshine Doughnuts constantly posts adorable photos of their doughnuts. They market new flavors, and where to find their pop-up sale stands.


3. (@urbanoutfitters)

The popular fashion store, Urban Outfitters shares photos that showcase their clothing and home products. The entire profile’s theme is very inspiring style-wise.


All of these different examples have chosen a subject, and developed a consistent and appealing theme from there.

By: Victoria Dean


5 thoughts on “Instagram Themes

  1. this is SO TRUE I feel like the most aesthetically appealing accounts I see on Instagram often have limited photos, and the ones they do share consist of a strict theme. When Instagram first launched, it featured a really cool incentive where top liked photos would be shipped a canvas with picture on it. In past years, it has turned into a selfie machine, with the top likes going to pictures that are less artistic and more attention seeking. I feel like the push from users to create a themed page is a way to take back their “intended use” of Instagram and create a growing community of users who are disciplined enough to keep to a common idea throughout their page. Great post!


  2. I feel like whenever my friends ask for opinions on what filters to use on a photo, it ALWAYS comes down to which one will match the aesthetics of the rest of their profile. I read this post and then I went through the last five accounts that I have looked at on Instagram, including my own. Some of those accounts pay less attention to their filters which to me gives them the everyday theme. My boyfriend loooovvveesss using all the different camera filters on his phone and playing with photos. He doesn’t post as frequently, but just looking at his account you can tell he carefully curated and picked the photos he is going to post. To add to your Urban Outiffers comment, stores definitely pay more attention to bright lighting and clarity on the style. Neutral backgrounds are often used to put more focus on the product and clothes that they are trying to feature. I think everyone puts more thought and consideration into their Instagram accounts and I can never decide if that is a good or bad thing.


  3. I have a freelance photographer friend in Vancouver. He refuses to post photos unless they follow a pattern that go along with his instagram aesthetic & will hold off (or avoid) posting incredible photos that he gets published because they don’t “go with his theme.”

    It makes me question if Instagram has become a platform to showcase our perfectly curated moments vs the more authentic, important ones.

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  4. I must admit I am guilty of this and TBH it really isn’t that great.

    Like you said, I started to do it because it’s suggested to have a consistent brand. Which actually helps you to focus your attention to what you are trying to encapsulate but overall it is a lot of work.

    Often, I would take a decent picture but it did not match my theme so I wouldn’t post it. I found that I was becoming way to obsessed with a “theme” rather than being authentic. As soon as I gave that up, nothing really changed for me. As for like followers, or partnerships with brands etc. and I feel a lot freer!


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