How to get a Bird’s-eye View of Your Social Media Strategy

AJ Dimas-Lehndorf November 15, 2016


Look at Bird. Bird is so happy. Bird looks like he is being informed by, and engaging with a successful social media strategy. We can talk all day about how effective social media is, but how do we know that we are actually reaching our audience? What if your employer doesn’t see the value in social media? How can we prove to our organization that our social media is reaching users like Bird in a positive way?

Firstly and least accurately, we can analyze how sales/readership/mindshare figures react after a social media strategy debuts. This method is not very accurate because there is no significant way to suggest that the increase is a result of social media. One way to address this issue is by adding a brief “how did you hear about us?” question after a purchase, but this is hard to execute in any sales channel that isn’t online.

Secondly, there are analysis tools like Google Analytics and Chartbeat, which representatives of the CBC touted at #askcbcyeg. These analytics services allow you to analyze web traffic, and many social media platforms have built-in analytics tools as well. Web analysis can be used to learn how many users are seeing posts, and what proportion of those users are engaging with the account by posting, liking, or commenting. These tools can also show you how many people are being directed to your organization’s website from social media. Heather Hamilton from the Edmonton International Airport said that they use it to analyze what types of posts are popular and effective. She also said that the tools allow them to compare their scores to other entities in that service category.

What would I do with this information? I would compare every post within a strategy to its performance. I would have some kind of policy in place that would require every post to reach a certain, attainable threshold of popularity, and discontinue the use of ineffective techniques. Using this comparison and policy, my organization could focus its efforts on the strategies that are most effective.


By monitoring our performance, we can reach real audiences, like Lady Bird (pictured here), more effectively than ever.





2 thoughts on “How to get a Bird’s-eye View of Your Social Media Strategy

  1. Do you think the popularity of some strategies would be cyclical? Would you toss the strategy on the first sign of popularity loss or would you give it a second chance down the road? I wonder how many strategies are out there waiting to be used….


  2. Monitoring your website is really important to determine its future success. In the organization I work for we heavily depend on Google Analytics. Monitoring our website and social media platforms really helps us when we put out ads for charity and fundraising events because it allows us to determine where web traffic is coming from and what key words people use to search for us.


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