Turning a Passion into a Profit:

Turning a Passion into a Profit:

My dog (Miska) currently has a whole lot more followers on Instagram than I do… 28,415 to be exact. Not only that… but she actually makes more income too!

So, how did this happen?

Well, I like many others who own a pet have a camera roll full of pictures and videos of my dog because to me: my dog is the cutest, silliest creature I have the pleasure to spend my days with. I had amassed so many photo’s of my dog that I decided instead of bombard people on my personal social media with photos of her I made a personal Instagram for her. I was never sure what would come of it… but I just wanted a place to share my photos with dog lovers alike.

But, hey I’m not here to tell you about my personal experience, rather too elaborate about how social media has changed the advertising game dramatically. No longer do you need a product to sell but you could be the person or (dog) to sell the product. Also this concept is really not that out of a reach for the average person. Often you do not need super fancy equipment but more importantly a personal interest and passion.

I started out by posting pictures from an iPhone 5 and eventually discovered a love for photography when I bought my first DSLR, Canon T6i. However, before that I had no previous knowledge about photography or really anything about Instagram. I never went into this thinking I would end up selling products. I just did it because I enjoyed taking photos of my dog and interacting with like-minded people.

Flash forward a year later and my dog is a Brand
Ambassador for Bark Box and the Bark Shop, a New York based company that sells monthly subscriptions of treats and toys. A treat taster for Chewy.com. A collar model for WalkInTheBark and jewellery ambassador for Siberia Art.

No, this didn’t happen overnight and no this didn’t just land in my lap. I had to pursue many of this ventures but I’ll let you know I wasn’t turned down nearly as much I thought I would be. All I did was initiate a conversation and so it went from there. You’ll never know if you don’t try!

However, that is not my overall point here! You don’t need a dog to do this. This is just my personal experience with the new age of social media advertising. I have seen people do this for just about everything and anything, from food to fashion to calligraphy to crafts. Some people have even been successful by just gathering a collection of other peoples posts and starting a fan-page, built up a large enough audience and have started generating income from sponsored posts! Whatever you like, there is a niche for you and you really have nothing to lose by trying.

Disclaimer: I was unsure about posting this but I also realize a part of being successful is sharing interesting information that is unique about you with others. That is exactly what I think a successful blogger, Instagrammer or influencer does well. Always remember, that it is not what makes you the same rather what makes you different that people tend to be interested in.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


4 thoughts on “Turning a Passion into a Profit:

    1. Hey, thank you for the comment! Yes, at first I was surprised how many people actually dedicate entire accounts to anything from to their dog to their artwork! Instagram is a great place to discover people like-minded that is for sure.

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  1. I LOVE THIS. When you had mentioned in class that you made an account for your dog, I wanted to ask what the Instagram handle was! It’s amazing what is has turned into. Miska is super cute! It’s no question why she’s gained some fame!

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate the comment! She has won over the hearts of many (haha). I love how Instagram has created this shift for people to post about something other themselves 😀


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