Post-election social media has been depressing and within reason because this really sucks.


It’s been four days since the results of the election. Four long, arduous days which has really stretched and exerted both my emotions and social media feeds. Like many of us, I was shocked from the results, watching the television in an almost suspended state of disbelief, horrified at a vast population who either chose not to vote, to vote for Harambe, or to vote for the human embodiment of xenophobia, sexism and homophobia (sorry, I don’t mean to make this another opinionated, raging, political post but how can I not when one of our world leaders is Donald Trump. Why? Just…why? WHYYYYY!?) Anyways, this is about what followed on social media following the election.


Users took to Twitter, expressing fear and concern. Protests were (and still are) being held in the States, united under hashtags such as #NotMyPresident or #UnitedAgainstHate. Celebrities such as Brie Larson, Lady Gaga, and Jesse Williams used their platforms to encourage protests, and instill hope–and I must say, what an odd reaction to an election, that the positive posts are about staying strong and being hopeful, rather than celebrating a new leader in government.


Reports of hate crimes all across the States were posted ranging from students in schools marching with Trump signs, screaming “white power,” Muslims getting their hijab ripped from their heads and women getting chased down the street by men calling out “grab her by the pussy!” (What a great time to bring a child into this world). The first transgender suicide hotline was started, following eight deaths of trans people within the first day of Trump’s presidency. And people began wearing safety pins as a symbol of protecting marginalized groups.


What a messy four days it has been, and will continue to be. As a positive side message to this post, I can only hope that out of this weird, backwards world we made for ourselves, keep constructing, create beauty and be kind.

By Pia Araneta


Raw Story: Video catches students shouting ‘white power’ while marching with Drumpf sign at Pennsylvania school

Post-election tension, tempers flare on social media





One thought on “Post-election social media has been depressing and within reason because this really sucks.

  1. I personally took a break from the internet after Tuesday night, and I’m just getting back on it today. There are so many reports of hate crimes across America, and I’m glad those are getting exposure, but one strange thing I’ve noticed in my own media feeds are the tendency for non-Trump supporters to start attacking each other. There is a lot of talk around whose fault the Trump presidency is, which groups of Hilary voters should be considered complicit in Trump’s rise to power, and which forms of outrage should be considered valid responses. I hope this hasn’t been the norm, but in that first day following the election, the rhetoric was toxic and self-defeating enough to chase me away from social media for almost a week.


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