I Kinda like it the way it is…

When reading over the selection of possible subjects to blog about, I landed on this one and decided to research it. I found myself mired in municipal, local and provincial websites, blogs, and all the social media platform posts one could ever imagine. I was looking for ways to improve them, ways that they differed so that I could say one was better than the other and looking for mistakes. It took me awhile to understand that this was not the topic for me to be writing about. I am old and this is new.


When I finally realized this point, I could appreciate what online media has done for the average citizen that is concerned for the health of their local and provincial government. For instance, when I was reading mayoral blogs, I felt like they were talking to me in my language and with a sincere concern for my understanding of the latest decisions, budgets and future plans. Before this, like all elected officials, you heard from them when they wanted your vote and when they did something extremely unpopular, unethical, or downright illegal.


This was quite an epiphany for me. I was very encouraged by this use of social media that here-to-fore I had not taken advantage of. It has me believing me that if more people take advantage of it on all levels of government it could inflect a huge growth in political effectiveness. People will become aware of what is happening, when it is to happen, and will realize they do have a say that could affect outcomes. Just the fact that this is such an easy method of engagement instills enough hope for improvement to light the lamp at the end of the tunnel for me.


So, I guess this blog post is kind of a cop out. I can’t come up with any form of improvement on the current use of social media within the governing circles and I am too impressed with the present use of this media to justly criticize it. But, does it count that I might place some appreciative precept within a person that had, until reading this, held the use in a negative light? Is it possible that there are some out there that do not realize the potential this use of social media instills within the voting populace? I guess the only suggestion for improvement I can make is to make more people aware of it somehow.









One thought on “I Kinda like it the way it is…

  1. I think the only criticisms I hear in regards to governmental blogging is the idea that they are just another propaganda outlet. If you disagree with Don Iveson’s policies for example, you’re likely to view his posts as propaganda. I disagree of course, more communication from elected officials is always good. But social media has the effect of showing more of the personality of officials than traditional media, and if a reader’s personality or views clash with those of the elected official, they are likely to be dissatisfied with the whole idea of governmental blogging.


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