A well-styled and meaningful life.



Like many, I rely on Instagram to stay up to date on lives of the people I don’t see every day. This past month I noticed that both my older sister, Kourtney and friend Cale were going to appear in the next issue of Dote. (Kourtney is on the left, Cale is the cover girl on the right!) Dote Magazine probably doesn’t sound familiar to Edmonton readers because it is a Calgary based lifestyle magazine. So my next step was to try and figure out how to get my hands on a copy of this magazine, without making a trip to Calgary. Luckily, magazine companies today have made it possible that readers can access articles and extra content online.


I looked to the website to try and see what I could find news on Kourtney and Cales’ involvement in the upcoming issues. Instead, I discovered there was much more to Dote. The website had been designed to allow the readers to view the issues online. It is formatted as a virtual simulation. I personally feel like this simulation is not the best way to design this feature. But I do like how you can read old issues! Below is an image was taken from Issue 4 and I find it overwhelming to read the article in this style.


Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 10.51.41 PM.png

The website also has a component that the magazine has not included. They have an online blog that they have been running longer than they have been producing magazines.


Dote Magazine does not upload their latest issues until a newer one is created, so I was unable to see Kourtney and Cales’ articles. I discovered that local Edmonton boutique, Red Ribbon has copies of Dote and was able to obtain a physical copy. Flipping through it I noticed several differences. The website uses more photographs which keep the reader’s attention and draws then to different aspects and articles.  Alternatively, the magazine is simple, clean lines and useless photographs. The magazine to me is more about having a physical copy of the articles and stories being told. It is a lifestyle magazine that has been designed and formatted to sit on a coffee table and be read for hours. The website is modeled to visit for specific purposes.

Overall I like the idea of a hard copy magazine more. My initial purpose for looking at the magazine was to see my sister and friends involvements in it. Only the magazine was able to provide this for me. With those intentions, I found the magazine more effective for obtaining the news I wanted. Plus now I have a beautiful magazine and a new website to explore!

Samantha Watson Penner


Agnes In August Instagram @agnesinaugust

Dote Instagram @dotemagazine

Dote Magazine

Dote Magazine: Retrieved from http://www.dotemagazine.com



2 thoughts on “A well-styled and meaningful life.

  1. I’ve been looking into this phenomenon a lot as well. I write for a local lifestyle magazine myself, and I’m always interested in the difference in presentation between our online version and our print version. Our website is set up blog-style, and it’s functional, but when you compare the two, the focus is clearly on print. There is so much thought and energy put into the design and aesthetic of each issue of the print version, and I really think it shows. But those design choices don’t translate to a webpage at all, and we’d almost have to hire a separate web designer to maintain that level of quality online. It seems like Dote has put a lot more resources into that web design aspect than we do. I’d be interested to find out if their web traffic is higher because of it.


  2. What magazine do you work for? I am curious now to compare it’s print and online presences as well. I agree, Dote Magazine definitely focuses more on the print version then their website but I think overall the website is there for a completely different reason. I think it is almost a secondary resource for further reading if you really enjoyed what you read in the magazine. Personally, I think this beneficially to their brand and it helps keep the reader always wanting more. My sister knows one of the ladies who works for Dote and I should ask her to find out what their web traffic is like. I agree that that would be interesting!


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