The Morning After

The Morning After

Waking Up Next To My Facebook Feed After The Election

Last night, throughout the live polling feeds, I was among a group glued to some form of screen watching the numbers roll in. As the night progressed, Facebook was flooded with hopeful messages, inspirational quotes, and election memes. Posters were sending their prayers for those that are voting.


This morning, as is routine when one wakes up at 6 am, I scrolled through Facebook and was again bombarded with posts, shares, memes, and semi-rants on the election. As a recap, Donald has won the electoral votes with 276 while Clinton only had 218. Also, the two candidates have decimals differing in the popular vote. Within both the U.S. Houses Of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, republicans have a majority. Facebook was brimming with content about Trump.

There are two things though, that stood out. Firstly, I noticed that there were many posts sharing disappointment in America, and stress for the future of everyone. The opinions on my feed, at the very least, all seem to be anti-trump.

“I am quite dismayed that Trump won. Terrible news to wake up to. “

“This morning the world has changed, this is very very bad.”

“Okay, the joke stopped being funny a long time ago. So done.”

“Knew it was coming for 2 years… You better take care of America, Trump. You hold the fate of the world in your hands.”

“Fml. The US has bred enough non educated, racist, homophobic, and sexist people to elect and vote in Trump. This is what the world has come to. Way to go Merica’ “

“I can’t believe Donald Trump is gonna be President for the next 4 years!! Glad to be a Canadian!! 😁 I feel bad for my U.S friends!! FIGHTING!!”

These are just the grievances from my list of friends, which is not extensive. In talking with others, their Facebook feeds were similar. People from all over the world are sharing in the aftermath of the election.

Another thing that I noticed that was weird is the amount of protesting. These include topless women at polling stations in New York City, protesters marching down the streets of Portland, Oregon, anti-trump protesters attacking trump supporters in San Jose, protesters screaming ‘fuck Trump’ at the White House, Lady Gaga protesting outside Trump tower, among others.

Currently there are a lot of confused, and concerned people. Nobody is sure what’s going to happen because trump has been elected. There is speculation, cynicism and hope, but we won’t know until the dust has time to settle.

At least Canada will always be open, and able to lift our spirits.

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4 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. Great post Dylanna. You nailed it when you said that there are a lot of confused, and concerned people! I definitely have been feeling and hearing that sentiment. I guess we will have to sit back and see what happens.


    1. Thank you. I think that many people are just waiting to see what happens, while others are not. I’m worried about how violent the aftermath of this election is, and may become. There have been reports of protests, violence, and graffiti after the election results.


  2. Nicely put. My Facebook and Twitter feeds are still exploding from the results of the election and I can only assume it will continue for awhile. It’s crazy to see all the polarized opinions manifesting themselves in the States right now and I can only hope that everyone is safe.


  3. Definitely, its insane. The sheer amount of election content on social media was, and still is crazy. After I posted on the blog, my Facebook continued to get more and more posts about the election. There were opinions either way, and various articles. One thing that I thought was interesting was that after the first few waves of posts, people began to complain about political posts being annoying. These were all similar. Each one basically said,’Trump was elected as president, it happened, deal with it’.


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