From the statement “everybody uses online communication” of the 90’s, came the statement “everybody needs to use online communication” of the early 2000’s on. From that, the next evolution, “everybody has to use online communication” became the standard statement. When considering the time the mediums that were replaced had been in practice, it was a pretty abrupt takeover. The poor electric typewriter was still being heralded as the best thing since sliced bread when it hit the garbage heap. Online communication came on fast and it was not a one trick pony. This new medium had several different facets on offer.


Online communication arrived as a complete package. There were emails for the corporate sector, blogging for business purposes or media uses, and a host of social media platforms that were open for anybody to use to their best advantage. It was convenient for both sender and receiver. Online communication also came with the ability to make people believe that, even thought it was a convenience, it did not cost as much.

Offices love email services. You can express your thoughts, give direction or solicit assistance to individuals, groups or entire populations with a few taps on the keyboard. There is a paper trail to back up your work and the filing is done without the cost of space, time or paper. The increase to efficiency was incredible when this was introduced.

Online communication in the private sector was just as, if not more, innovative. You can post to social media sites, anything you think your friends, family, acquaintances or people you don’t even know might find interesting. You can view what others thought you might find interesting and can acquire self affirmation by garnering likes or replies.

Texting is pretty much replacing the phone call. You can tap out a message on your keyboard or smart phone, send it off, and wait for a reply. The sending and receiving of messages this way is much preferred by many over the phone call. You do not have to answer it until it you have the time and can even turn off the notification alerts so that when it is received on your device it does not disturb anyone.

It is convenient and on the surface, there appears to be great monetary, time and effort savings. In a lot of ways this is true, but under scrutiny, there seems to be a pretty hefty price to our social existence, our privacy and our ability to control elements of negativity and malicious behavior that seek to destroy, or lessen, our toehold on world peace and harmony. Maybe just by bringing this evil into the light and exposing it to all will show stupidity and it will be hacked from society as it deserves to be. And maybe everyone is just going through a period of “new toy syndrome” and will return to visiting and talking to neighbors, friends and families and will start making new acquaintances the old fashion way, in a social environment.



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