Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

Today I want to write about key performance indicators and answer the following questions: What is their purpose, why are they significant for social media and how can they look like?

KPIs are used for measuring data and can help to find out if your website’s content is matching your content strategy goals (Frick & Eyler-Werve, 2015, p. 8). In the world of social media, this can be related to measuring likes, comments, shares, views and more. So, when you are responsible for managing a website and you aim to find out if the content you share on social media is performing well or not, you can choose a KPI. For example, your content strategy is to share posts that increase your likes or followers within a given time. So, the amount of likes per post can be a KPI.

For using KPI’s effectively, you first need to define a goal. Then, you can come up with a strategy and finally measure the content’s performance (Frick & Eyler-Werve, 2015, p. 100). In the end, KPI’s can be very helpful for learning if you made the right decisions regarding your website or social media page and you can learn form it.



Frick, T., & Eyler-Werve, K. (2015). In T. Frick, & K. Eyler-Werve, Return on Engagement (p. 8).




One thought on “Key Performance Indicators

  1. KPI’s are always hard for me to understand. You can track likes and shares and overall traffic, but (to me) it seems like they can’t do anything to help you improve your content. If your content sucks, nobody is going to visit your site, and KPI’s can’t really tell you what you’re doing wrong. Though I’m sure that people smarter than me are able to interpret them to great effect. It’s just not something I’ve been able to understand as of yet.


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