Social Media and Social Behaviour


tumblr_inline_nob0bq6qnj1qlskdk_1280Today there are so many different social media platforms for people to use, and with its ubiquitous use human behavior is being greatly impacted.


 Online Self vs. Real Self



Positive: Social media can give people a place to be an alternate self. For and individual who is shy in real life it can be place where they can anonymously express themselves or a self they desire to be.

Negative: Social media can make people feel inferior or negative about themselves. People may feel like others are living happier and more fun lives, when in fact that might be untrue.

Online Fame


Positive: Social media can give people a medium to receive appreciation for their work, and can even make them famous online.



Negative: Becoming popular or famous on social media can make people narcissistic, which can eventually encourage insecurity and negative feelings towards others.




Positive: Social media can teach people how to become more social and outgoing in their daily life, it can also positively influence new and old relationships.

Negative:  Social media can handicap a person’s ability to communicate face to face. Not being able to socially interact in reality can also negatively impact a person’s relationships.

Amrit Kang.


Cimons, M. (2010, November 1). Online Social Networks and Human Behavior | National News.  Retrieved from

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