Why I Hate Buzzfeed

Why I Hate Buzzfeed

I’m going to attempt to put my thoughts on paper, so to speak, in the fewest words possible, so to not get wordy and ranty.

I visited twenty different websites this past weekend. Every website had something that drew me to it in the first place, but not every website was made equally. Some websites captured my attention for seconds, others for minutes, and one for hours (namely, Youtube). Of course, the best websites are visually pleasing and easy to navigate; everyone knows that. But what else is there?

For me, the two key elements in a successful website are originality and identity.

By originality, I mean either of two things: completely original content, or a compilation of content that would otherwise be found in several sources, but no one all-inclusive website.

By identity, I mean that the website knows itself and its target audience, and that a newcomer can tell right away its purpose.

Most of the sites whose links circulate my Facebook feed contain neither originality nor identity. The linked article can be found verbatim or essentially the same on dozens of other sites, each striking me as being exactly the same. I’m talking about click-bate sites, and I freaking hate them.

My go-to websites have a purpose and give me information that is not presented in the same way elsewhere on the Internet. NBA.com tells me the basketball scores. Bulpabedia.com tells me what little dudes I need to use to beat the gym leaders in Pokemon Emerald. Goodreads.com reminds me what book I should read next.

Very specific identities, arranged in original ways. And they happen to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. That’s what makes them good websites.

-Your Friendly Neighbourhood Blogger (Hyrum Sutton)

PS. The headline and Featured Image were click-bate. Gotcha.


Bulbapedia. (2016). Retrieved from http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page

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Pokemon Battle [Screenshot].


9 thoughts on “Why I Hate Buzzfeed

  1. This post made me think about my upcoming post on what makes a successful website in another way. I really appreciated your honest opinion and thoughts. I completely agree that a good website needs to have a purpose. If I find a new website and I don’t understand what its message is, I will leave it. Like you I have a list of my favorite websites saved on my laptop. I equally stray away from click-bate sites because they are such a “freaking” waste of time.


  2. Forgot to add, other than it being a click-bate site. What else do you hate about Buzzfeed? It is obviously such a time waster, but do you hate the format of it? The style choices? Do you think it looks professional?


    1. Good question. I mostly hate Buzzfeed because it started out as a funny-stuff-time-waster site, and it became College Humour. And most of the content is lifted from other sites. Unoriginal, and it didn’t know who it was until it became someone else. If that makes sense. It’s layout is fine, kind of neutral for me, but it’s winning point is its navigation. How everything is laid out by lol, win, omg, etc. I think that’s a great feature. So it’s an example where it is visually appealing, it’s easy to navigate, but I still hate it. Of course, it’s still quite successful, so I can’t say it’s doing it wrong. Which is why I kind of struggled writing this. I feel like what makes a website successful for me is not what makes it successful for the masses.

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      1. I agree with this! Numerous times I feel like I read something on Buzzfeed that I just read five minutes ago on a meme or a different article on Facebook. You did a great job writing this and I totally get your point of view.


  3. I see what you did there… Aggravating, yet brilliant!
    Seriously, though, I really hate BuzzFeed sometimes, chiefly because of the lack of originality. You can tell that the publication prioritizes quantity of articles over quality.

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  4. I completely agree, but I have to admit I’m horrible when it comes to resisting click-bate articles. It takes me about half an hour to conquer a small portion of my Facebook feed and the only thing I have to show for it is my new found knowledge of “21 Albums that prove 2006 was the last great year in emo” or “19 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Slightly Obsessed With Knitting.” Yikes.

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  5. Great use of clickbait haha. It drew me in for sure. In regards to originality, what gets me is how unoriginal clickbait always is, and how successful it is regardless. I KNOW that it’s garbage, I can tell by the title that it won’t deliver what it promises, but I’m always tempted to click on it anyway. Just in case.


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