Simple and Elegant: A BCSC Student’s Blog

Simple and Elegant: A BCSC Student’s Blog



3rd year student Alea Ostry has impeccably good taste. From her bold lipstick choices to her fashionable sweaters, Alea is attuned to the latest trends. Her blog, Lattes and Lemonades is a testament to that, and her personal style comes through as she reviews local Edmonton coffee shops and cafes. Although it is an informal setting, Alea’s grasp of technical writing really shows in her blog. I sat down with her and talked to her about her writing

Thomas: Hi Alea. You look ravishing today. So what prompted you to start this blog?

Alea: I really love going to coffee shops because the atmosphere is conducive to studying, and I just love coffee! So I decided to share my experiences with others in a way that allows me to exercise the writing skills I learned in my program.

Thomas: So what is your favourite hidden gem?

Alea: Mandolin Books and Coffee! It’s a small cafe near Concordia University. It’s inside of a used book store and the ambiance is fantastic. Their iced chai tea latte is to die for, and their vegan chocolate chip cookies are surprisingly good. You can read all the books and play board games as well. It’s a really cool spot.

Alea’s blog has a lot of useful information for people who want to seek out lesser known coffee shops as an alternative to big chains. She posts helpful recommendations and pictures of her and her friends enjoying the various cafes. I really respect her initiative to encourage people to shop local and partake of some of Edmonton’s underrated cuisine.



Alea’s blog can be found here:

All photos provided by Alea.


One thought on “Simple and Elegant: A BCSC Student’s Blog

  1. I really liked looking at Alea’s blog! Her blog gave me great ideas of how to start my own blog and keep it simple and elegant. I love how she always takes a friend on a coffee date when she goes to different spots. Super cute! I definitely will be looking at her blog when I need a new place to study or to go for coffee. Great post!


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