How Much Do You Want To Share?

When was the last time you reviewed your privacy settings on Facebook? Have you ever tried searching your name on someone else’s Facebook? Is your Instagram public or private? Do you only follow people on social media that you personally know? Most importantly, does your mother follow you on social media?


What factors influence an individual to choose to make their social media accounts private or public?

Social media users rely on their accounts to share their everyday lives. We all have that follower who shares absolutely everything. We also have that follower who rarely shares their lives online.1411828803-0

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People today have become so comfortable with their social media accounts that they will share just about anything. Going over my Facebook News Feed, it is easy to catch a common theme. Everyone knows someone who wants to share their every thoughts on sports, politics, ethical issues, breakups, marriages and basically every life moment.

The Knowledge Science Report from October 14, documents how social media has become a critical part of our daily lives, spreading instant information and advertising our everyday lives. However “on the other hand, social media brings cyber-bullying and crimes against children, fraud and identity theft, and invasion of privacy.” So as much as we sometimes want to share every aspect of our lives with your social media followers, take a minute to ask why it is important.

Linda Hoang this past week reminded my class to think about what you post on your social media accounts. Potential employers aren’t the only people who will be looking at your social media before they hire you.

Have you ever questioned how your smartphone is able to access specific information? Facebook is able to access more information then you think and it is important to monitor your level of privacy.


These are some quick tips to review to ensure your privacy settings are up to date.

  1. Disable Location Services
  2. Use Login Approvals
  3. Make Yourself Harder to Find
  4. Control Who Can See Your Posts
    • This is KEY if you want to control what your mom can see!
  5. Choose who can add to your timeline
  6. Stop your likes from being advertisements
    • This is something I was completely unaware of. Go to your settings menu and change the “Ads with my social actions” option to “No One”

To read more about these steps click here.

So if you are like me and want to be friends with your mom on Facebook. Hopefully these tips will help control your mom from knowing absolutely everything about your life.

Samantha Watson Penner



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