Hope For The Future


There is no question that Social media has become an intermediate tool for any and everything. With access to any site only a click away; it has become an effective and innovative method to encompassing the world at our fingertips.

This is also true for any organization that requires a large volume of traffic, specifically, nonprofit organizations. These businesses who rely ultimately on donations, are obliged to receive as many people as possible arriving at their website. For this reason alone, social media presence is very important. Social media allows for an influx of people. This can be seen for organizations such as Hope Mission, which now receives donations online. They are actively on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

According to the Hope Mission website, the numbers of people accessing their website is growing, which they feel is all thanks to the rebranding of their website. At the end of the article you have the choice to share on Facebook (naturally), and Twitter.

Being involved in social media is a necessity these days, and should come to no surprise that nonprofit organizations are becoming involved and reaping the benefits. As for Hope Mission, anyone can head to their new and improved website, make a donation or fill out a volunteer form – which doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

Let’s give back to those in need, I’m all for it!

Blanca Moreno

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