A Final Party For Print: Funeral Or Retirement?

A Final Party For Print: Funeral Or Retirement?

There is talk about print as a media dying, while social media juggernauts through. Though, it’s not as cut and dry. Print media isn’t dead yet. There are still magazines, newspapers, mailed newsletters and so on.Print media isn’t dead, it’s just being slowly replaced by digital media.

Currently print and online are transitioning to different roles, but they are both within the same field. There is time for print and digital media to combine, at least for a while.

An article on Inc.com, claims that print and digital media can be balanced. Joellyn Sargent, a principle of the consulting firm BrandSprout, says, “Finding the right mix of print and digital is less about your business and more about your customers. Think about who they are, how they buy, where they go”.

In a 2011 survey, FedEx Office’s Fourth Annual Signs of the Times Small Business Survey, showed that many small business owners reach their existing and potential customers via online and social media. However 53% plan to use traditional media. The inc.com article states that there is no single right mixture for digital and print media.

Print won’t really become irrelevant. It will merely become a preference instead of being the primary source. Print media is tangible, which makes it a comfort and emotionally appealing. It’s something that people can feel. Print media has also been the dominant medium for news for a very long time. There is a kind of nostalgia and loyalty that comes with it.

Eventually, it will be in the vast minority. Any publication printing their newspaper, or magazine will be seen as retro or vintage. It’s not going to die though. Consider other forms of media. As an example, vinyl has been phased out by cassettes, then CDs, then iPods, and finally phones. Many people still have a proud collection of each of these. Thus, print is never going to die as a form of communication. Though it is eventually going to step down for digital media as the dominant form of communication. After the digital age of news, eventually there will be a new medium to replace it. Personally, I hope its holograms.


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