Facebook Creeping and the Privacy Myth

Facebook Creeping and the Privacy Myth

Let’s face it — we no longer live in a private world.

There are two issues at play here. I’ve been learning recently about the ways people who are smarter than me are able to hack into our computers. Remember in The Dark Knight when Batman hacks into every cellphone in Gotham? He basically uses sonar technology to create a constantly updated map of the city, which he used to track the location of the Joker. According to most sources on the Internet, and a little bit of common sense, what he did was actually impossible (Sci-Fi Science Blunders, 2008). But the basic concept of accessing microphones and cameras is actually real. I know of people who cover the cameras on their laptop with tape when their not using it. How much of a threat does this actually pose to us? I won’t pretend to know.


More concerning to me is how much private information is intentionally displayed for public viewing every single day. Because of social media, anyone with your name and five minutes of spare time can not only see your daily activities, but the exact time and location of pretty much everything you do. That’s kind of insane. It sure makes a stalker’s job a lot easier!

Sure, there are privacy settings. At best, these can make you more difficult to find, and may prevent a stalker from finding out every nitty-gritty detail of your life, but it can never make you completely invisible. Because of a term called “anti-patterns”, Facebook can “truthfully say that it does what it promises, and even offers settings that let people lock-down their own accounts, while designing the site so even internet-savvy users … will end up exposing information .. never intended to [be made] public” (The Guardian, 2016).tumblr_mn4rb0PH4F1srms8no1_1280.jpg

So, privacy settings are not 100% effective, but they are still helpful. But they’re only actually helpful if you know how to use them. Many people are creating overly public lives because privacy settings are too complicated, or they don’t know about them in the first place. Again, easy pickings for Internet stalkers and hackers.

When it comes to Internet privacy, three types of people exist:

  1. Those who post everything about their lives and intentionally make it completely public.
  2. Those who don’t know enough about privacy settings and accidentally make everything about themselves public fodder.
  3. Those who ensure every effort has been put forth into creating a private profile

Effectively, none of these people have private lives. The sad reality is that nothing we put on the Internet is completely private. No setting is infallible. The only real filter is actively monitoring what we put onto social media. Some things just aren’t meant to be shared.

-Your Friendly Neighbourhood Blogger (Hyrum Sutton)


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2 thoughts on “Facebook Creeping and the Privacy Myth

  1. Privacy has become some what of an illusion with the online lives of people. There is really no way to keep an online life private. once its out there its out there.
    Stalking someone on Facebook is becoming more of an acceptable way to learn about someone. Generally, Facebook stalking has good intentions such as trying to learn about a new friend, judging your best friends new boyfriend for compatibility, trying to find a perfect present for them, Potential employers will generally search the name and then the social media platforms of potential customers. There are other times where it can get more worrisome, such as crazy ex’s, stalkers, and all sorts of criminals. It’s kind of scary. depending on the information that’s out there, the consequences range.


  2. I remember on one of our first classes, someone mentioned that in Europe its common for everyone to use fake names online. It keeps unwanted eyes off of you, but allows you to keep interacting with your friends. It’s something that I do as well, and so far, it’s really working out for me. I’d recommend trying it out.


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