Has the new world media impacted major world events? Yes, of course it has. Media through the ages has been a tool that whoever has the most control over or who can manipulate it the best will use to their advantage. The U.S. elections are a great example of this. The introduction of the last two innovations of media technology brought huge unexpected results when the people figured out their real value when trying to swaying people’s views.

In 1960 the Kennedy campaign won the Presidential election against the Nixon campaign with the first televised debate. Kennedy’s people realized the potential of the tool. They prepped for the debate for days beforehand. Nixon, on the other hand, may have realized it but never got the chance to prepare for it. Coming out of the hospital and on medication for an infected knee injury he went on the air and lost the confidence of the voters turning the tide in favour of Kennedy and lost the election. Speculation, looking back, says he would never have won with the conventional media of the time.


This year we are watching a new media throw the current U.S. election into a tailspin. Trump is sending his messages out to a whole new age and genre of the voting public and they are eating it up. He is using it to relate to them the way they want to be related and communicated to. I don’t think he will win the election, but he sure is waking the people up to the power of the new media and there is no way he would have gotten this far without the media tactic he has been pulling.


Is this a good thing? I don’t know and I don’t think it is a Pandora’s pet that will be going back in the box anytime soon if it isn’t anyways. I do know that there are some very evil people using it in some very evil ways, and I know there are a lot of good people doing a lot of good things for a lot of deserving people out there with it too. I also know that I can now get the score to any game at any time.

Like any other new media, it’s just a wait and see what happens matter.







4 thoughts on “TIME TO CHANGE IT UP

  1. I think that this is such an interesting phenomena. Whenever a new technology comes out, it has such potential. its something new and different. Whoever can harness that potential, has a foothold in the eyes of its audience. Television was a major change in media and Kennedy harnessed the medium. It was more than just powerful words. Television made the election more vivid, more visual.
    Social media is a parallel to the campaign between Kennedy and Nixon.
    In the last few elections, social media was a major turning point. The most recent Canadian election is said to have been won by social media.Justin Trudeau is said to have successfully got the attention of voters through social media.
    The idea is the same with the current american election. Social media is as much of a platform as a debate stage, and possibly even more so.

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    1. It is kind of strange the way history can repeat itself on such an open stage and get past peoples notice sometimes. It sure makes me wonder where we are heading after social media.

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  2. The way I understand this anecdote is that visually, Nixon looked sweaty and nervous and generally did not inspire confidence. Kennedy on the other hand was young and attractive. Not everyone had TVs at this point in time, and (as I seem to recall) among radio listeners, the polls didn’t change that much after the debate. It was only TV viewers who were put off by Nixon.
    I wonder what the parallel is with Social Media, as it doesn’t seem to expose any major flaws in the way that television did for Nixon. Trump and Hillary are going to be just as “sweaty and nervous” on social media as they would be on TV. Maybe Trump’s 3am tweets are the equivalent of looking bad on new media platforms?


    1. Yes the anecdote does lay out that Nixon was not in the best of health and came across as nervous and did lose too much ground to recover from but the point is that a young, inexperienced, and Catholic took advantage of a new form of media and won because of it. If you compare it to the way Donald Trump, who is not a politician, narcissistic and obviously out for his bank accounts first, is using social media it can be seen as taking advantage of the new form of media and getting to a height in the polls he never should have reached. He used social media to reach an audience heretofore not interested in elections and used that reach to generate an enormous amount of energy around a totally vulgar and way too dirty of a campaign. Kennedy was more the typical politician but when you look at the disadvantages he faced and the heights he reached just because of that debate it is very similar.

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