The New York Times: Facebook live exclusives

The New York Times: Facebook live exclusives

It is clear that today, online is the direction all things media are headed towards. I wouldn’t hazard to say that print is dead or will be dead anytime soon, but it is definitely less cost effective and gets a lot less eye than online content.

As one of the leading news sources in the west, and perhaps the world, the New York Times (NYT) has been a leader in discovering how to translate their content onto the web effectively.

The New York Times is a big advocate and user of Facebook live, a new function on Facebook that allows anyone to live stream video.

Of course, live media is incredibly popular on TV, but has more recently found immense success online through the video game live-streaming site, Twitch. As such, the NYT has tried to capitalize on Facebook’s massive user base by being very experimental and eager with Facebook live.

It should be noted that the Facebook live content is native to Facebook and can only be found on Facebook.

This of course means that those who would only find the NYT content in print are missing out on a whole array of content, not only because the content is multimedia, but because those stories will only be available on one platform, Facebook.

The new live functionality may alienate some who don’t use Facebook, but it is a much safer bet to use it than to not. The live streaming trends seem to be very optimistic, which makes the decision to have exclusive content over print much easier to make.

Cover photo courtesy of the New York Times.


2 thoughts on “The New York Times: Facebook live exclusives

  1. Besides the cost factor, do you agree that online media is simply just more accessible? I didn’t realize this about the New York Times. I was in New York this summer and it’s true, almost everyone on the trains and ferries have their heads down reading social media during their morning commute. My cousins husband says how he always has most of the paper he wants to read, read by the time he gets off the ferry in the morning and arrives at his office. We also quickly learnt that being in such a big city without a cell phone would be impossible. I like how the NYT is jumping on the idea of Facebook live. Facebook live is still such a new feature of Facebook that I think it leaves an impression and makes them memorable for experimenting with the feature.


    1. Online media is probably the main reason the NYT is such a dominant force in western news reporting. I don’t even know if they deliver papers outside of the states but they still write about worldwide issues with authors from different countries. In terms of Facebook live I personally think they’re paving the way for a new form of live reporting in a pretty smart way.

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