Non-profit Organizations and The Internet.

-What opportunities have online mediums provided to non-profit organizations? How are non-profits using them, and/or traditional media to increase awareness about their cause, get donations and encourage volunteers?

The internet is the fastest growing communications medium in the world. Many individuals and companies have taken to it and have used it as a medium to advertise on the different platforms available. An example of one of these organizations that have taken to online mediums is Non-profit organizations.  The traditional means of fundraising does not really  appear to be as effective in soliciting donations from this generation. Non-profit organisations worldwide are also looking to the Internet as another way of communicating with their donors. Mostly because online mediums increase their exposure.

Non-profit organizations can post details of what their organization does and what they require for donations, like posting on twitter about donations they have had, they could also hold online fundraising events. It’s not that they could not do this with traditional media but, so much time is spent on online media now that it would not be the same as doing it online. Almost everything that is being done today is being done online, from shopping to finding rare information to online dating……..almost anything is possible on the internet today. Through online mediums, non-profit organizations can reach a far wider audience ( literally people from all over the world)  and bring in donators for their organization.

Tomisin Adeneye


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