Online Communication: An Organization’s Best Friend

By: Sarah Dussome

Oct. 25, 2016


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In an age where technology dominates many aspects of our society, it’s becoming all the more imperative for organizations to connect with and expand upon their target audiences using various forms of online communications. Two common mediums include Twitter and Instagram, which enable organizations to create brief yet informative messages by accompanying written text with engaging visuals (or vice versa).

According to, approximately 92% of companies Tweet more than once a day, proving that Twitter is a popular means for organizations to connect with their followers. While Twitter does not cater to one specific age group, it often engages both emerging and established professionals (along with other organizations) who are not only looking to promote their own work-related interests but to gauge both the successful and unsuccessful communication methods of their competitors. While they are also frequently used in personal accounts, the use of hashtags may also establish positive rapport among both the organization’s members and their followers. For example, a hashtag may be used at an organization’s special event to allow attendees to post photos of themselves at the event, presenting the organization as a supportive community and casting the organization in a positive light.

On the other hand, an organization’s use of Instagram may cater more to younger demographics (who have the tendency to favour instantaneous connection with groups and people they care about). While it also employs the use of hashtags, one unique feature of Instagram is that, along with allowing users to post and view photos and videos, it shows each user a page of photos and videos that are similar ones they previously liked, helping them find new accounts to follow.

In conclusion, I believe an organization’s primary audience determines what type of online communications would be to their greatest benefit. In the instance of Twitter and Instagram, I think that an organization would choose Twitter if they sought to connect with a more professional crowd and Instagram if they instead wished to cater to a younger one.


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2 thoughts on “Online Communication: An Organization’s Best Friend

  1. Twitter is definitively one of the more direct social media platforms for an organizations.
    It allows for more of a connection with followers, customers, and potential customers. Using hashtags, an organizations can make themselves more noticeable. They can use hashtags to respond to trending events, current issues, other organizations, and to the people they are trying to reach.


  2. Nice post, Sarah. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of both social networks, I prefer Instagram, but only by a small margin. This preference is probably linked to the fact that I am a visual learner. The great part for companies is that they don’t have to choose! They can use both, but perhaps tailor content to suit each medium and audience.


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