Non-Profit Organizations Benefiting From an Online Presence

Non-Profit Organizations Benefiting From an Online Presence

Non-profit organizations are based on volunteers, on donations, on spreading awareness. Online mediums provide an alternative method to traditional media. Having more of a presence online, is cheaper and provides a larger audience.

Hair Massacure is an example of a local non-profit organization that mostly promotes themselves online. This organization is a non-profit charity that aims to make life better for families with sick kids. Their primary initiative is to increase awareness about cancer. They do so by having participants become ‘proud victims’ and shave their head, sometimes dyeing it the signature Hair Massacure hot pink. As of 2006, they hold the Guinness record for the most heads shaved under one roof in a 24 hour period with 840 proud victims. They also collect donations for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, and Make-a-Wish Northern Alberta. Since 2003, Hair Massacure has raised over $10 million. Donations of hair are also accepted. Each year they collect approximately 60 lbs of hair to be made into wigs for local kids. This charity began in 2003, prompted by the third hair loss of Kali MacDonald, the heart and start of the Hair Massacure. At two years old, Kali MacDonald was diagnosed in 2000 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. By her 5th birthday her cancer was cleared and has been in a state of remission since then.

This charity is especially helped by their online presence. Their website provides all the information one would need about the organization itself, how to donate, how to volunteer and how to generally get involved. Its design and aesthetics are well done creating a practically formatted and visually appealing layout. They also use their website to connect with previous and potential volunteers by posting videos and photos of people who take part in the head shaving, hair dyeing, hair donation, and fundraising. Hair Massacure is also on social media, mainly Twitter, and Facebook. Using these social media platforms, Hair Massacure shares information on who they are, and what they are doing. They post coverage of various events such as school head shavings, or fundraising concerts. Hair Massacure also encourages those that participate in the charity to post about it on social media by sharing or retweeting the posting. Overall, the online presence of Hair Massacure is effective and encourages people to participate in its charity.



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2 thoughts on “Non-Profit Organizations Benefiting From an Online Presence

  1. Thank you so much for writing about the Hair Massacure! Kali’s older sister, Kyrsti is one of my close friends! The whole family is incredible. It’s amazing how successful their charity has been, and continues to be.


    1. I’ve only recently learned about the charity through a friend a year ago. Though, I’m thoroughly impressed by the entire organization. I ended up participating this year. I got to dye my hair the bright pink and then have it shave. It was an awesome experience that I’m going to be doing again next year for sure!


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