How Social Media Impacts Our Privacy

How Social Media Impacts Our Privacy

Since social media has come around, people have become ever more comfortable with sharing weirdly large amounts of personal information online. If you ask your grandfather about sharing his personal information online, chances are he will think you’re crazy. But in today’s society, we don’t even second guess putting our personal information into whatever social media site we are using. The disclaimer that they promise not to share it is enough for most people to not even second guess it. If someone were to get into the information on Facebook, they would know pretty much everything about me. That is scary. However, there are positives when it comes to social media and privacy. Police and officers of the law can use it as a means to keep tabs on people who have committed crimes and that sort of thing.

Social media has kind of made our generation view privacy a little differently when it comes to online interaction. If you were to creep someone on Facebook or Instagram it isn’t viewed as weird, but imagine doing that in person. That would be called stalking and is very bad. Social media has changed the way we view privacy because of the way it takes actual personal interaction out of the way. People will say things or do things online that they wouldn’t normally do and it is appalling.

Cyberbullying wasn’t even a thing before social media but now every YouTube clip or Facebook post has some troll going out of their way to make someone else feel like shit. And when people see it they just kind of shrug it off. Our society is desensitized when it comes to online interaction. A lot of people argue that cyberbullying isn’t real bullying but those people are wrong. According to a study done by “youth who are bullied have a higher risk of depression and anxiety. Symptoms may include: increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, loss of interest in activities and more health complaints” and it’s talking about cyberbullying as well as regular bullying.




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