martin_king_wisdom_1 Martin Luther King Jr. stated in his address “A Letter from Birmingham Jail”, “As Reinhold Niebuhr has reminded us, groups tend to be more immoral than individuals.” He was speaking of the privileged people who were not going to give up their privileges voluntarily as a group but might possibly, as individuals, see the “moral light” and do so. Those words may not have been his but written by him at that time, guaranteed they would never be forgotten. This quote lays bare the fact that humans, as the rational animal they are, should, if given the choice, choose right over wrong.

So what?


Well, what is social media? It is individual. Everyone using social media is an individual making decisions without peer or group influence. You can converse with anyone that has access to social media from any location, planet wide, that has cellular capability. Those are large numbers. We can all see in real time that people all over the globe, under all types of governments and regimes are either happy or not happy, oppressed or free, living in squalor or privileged and converse with them. No facts can hide and no one has anything to gain. It’s real people saying real things.

Again, so what?


Well OK, if we look at the really big name protest movements since social media has been in play we can see a really powerful shift happening. They have brought about real global recognition of real issues. As of yet no movement has seen total success. There have been key elements missing. Lack of unification around a common message. National, multinational and global causes get watered down. They need one message spoken to all with direction to cement unification. And most importantly there has to be a clear impartial moderator appointed to hear these arguments.


Modern protesters and activists need to take a lesson or two from history and run with it. So many individuals can be shown the moral light if the message is presented and heard properly, peacefully and logically.

Modern technology has the power to effect solutions easier than ever before dreamed. It is an individual global format that can be accessed and assessed without threat of consequence. What the planet needs now is someone with the vision, the logic and the will to put it to use and start solving our problems. Social media can, in reality, effect world peace.



Rieder, J, Gospel of Freedom, Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter from Birmingham Jail and the Struggle that Changed a Nation,

Carty V, Tamara Journal for the Critical Organization Inquiry Volume 13 Issue 3 2015


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