Print Media is Evolving

My grandfather is celebrating his 91st birthday this year and as long as I can remember, the man’s daily routine is firmly revolved around his newspaper. Starting the day with his daily-dose of yogurt and berries while he delves into the paper. With his tea in hand the paper accompanies him to dinning room where he begins to review television times. Later he will go back to his bedroom for his afternoon nap and the paper will become his blanket. Different sections of the paper often litter his floor as he has pulled out interesting sections to show his family. When the dinner hour roles around he will shuffle down to the living room with his television times folded neatly to begin watching movies he has picked from the paper. Last Christmas, we bought him and iPad with the hopes he would learn how to read things online. However this man would be completely lost without his paper. To my grandfather and many others around the world. Print media is not dead.


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In an online article from Forbes, contributor Freddie Dawson notes how the newspaper business is not dying and in fact is expanding still. The Times of India is the largest circulating English-language paper and “the value of the Indian newspaper industry has grown by two-thirds in the past six years.”

Print media from a marketing and communications perspective I think is thriving and helping businesses spread. By printing brochures, catalogs and flyers as well as posting information on their social media accounts they are doubling the exposure and their audience. Recently I was in New York and every store I entered I was drawn towards the post cards and simple brochures. I found myself drawn to the photography and the different ways companies were advertising. I was able to walk away with a piece of my experiences from the places I visited this way. By making these post cards people are able to easier share with others places they should eat, shop and stay.



I think many people would say print media is dead. However where we live in Canada people have more access to technology and more knowledge on what is available on the internet. Print media is also still effective for school purposes and as a means of sharing information. There are still many generations that would prefer a newspaper or print out and I think there are many people who still appreciate taking a hard copy of something with them. Print media may be considered dead to many. I believe it is just evolving into different forms and methods.

– Samantha Watson Penner


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4 thoughts on “Print Media is Evolving

  1. This post is interesting for a variety of reasons. You make a fantastic point about culture. In Canada, the idea of the print newspaper is very much dying. But in other countries (India, Indonesia, China, and Brazil) it is still growing (Source: Also, I like how you touch on the idea of print marketing materials. In this regard, I don’t think print is dying yet. Print marketing materials are still an important part of promotion and advertising (think of all the flyers, fashion pamphlets, info handbills, etc). Great post.


    1. Thank you! It was interesting because I feel like when I googled the topic, almost every source was stated that it was dead and I just wasn’t convinced.

      I think companies are finding new ways to grow and appeal to their audiences. So I totally agree, print marketing materials are extremely important. Thank you for the link too!


  2. This blog really surprised me. I would have imagined a country like India would have been more on track to develop digital media and push it harder. Why would they stay with and support print media? I can remember at one point in my life I actually stopped moving around for a few months and thought the thing to do was to subscribe to the local paper. I had to cancel my subscription because I couldn’t keep up with getting rid of all the paper. Most times I couldn’t read it all before the next one arrived. I had a lot of family members like your grandfather who were very ritualistic with their paper habits but it was something I could never get used to. I understand that several people and companies still use the written media to their advantage but I never could. I guess I just don’t understand why a country, that is maybe a little behind others or is just developing, would want to go with a form that has been dated by the countries that are more advanced. I also wonder why they would want to deal with all that waste.

    Thanks, I enjoyed this. Cam


  3. The first source I found really interesting when I read it and I agree, I wouldn’t think of India to be the leading country on this. In the article the part the struck me the most was how they still use the newspaper for classified ads that are still used for match maker and finding partners for men and women to marry. Something we would probably never see in a Canadian newspaper! The waste is a good question to. I am assuming they have found ways to reuse their newspapers. Maybe they use it at markets for wrapping things? I have never been to India but I would be curious to ask someone who has about what the lifestyle is like there.

    My parents never have had a subscription to the newspaper because they never have time during the week to read it. They both have always said if they want to read it they can get it at their offices but I doubt they ever take the time to actually read it. They would agree with you that it just isn’t a needed thing.


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