The Edmonton Journal: Traditional vs. Online

By: Sarah Dussome

October 19, 2016

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Whether we like it or not, it’s all too easy to come into contact with news on a daily basis. While it’s becoming more common to learn the latest via social media, newspapers (both traditional and online versions) still remain as popular sources for catching up on the news. Like countless other newspapers, The Edmonton Journal continues to distribute hard copies of the paper along with maintaining an attractive, easy to navigate online counterpart. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the new text and layout used by the traditional paper’s newest edition (I find these elements a bit cartoonish) I find the paper otherwise well-organized and appreciate the balance between text and images.

As for me, I usually crack open the Arts & Culture section of The Journal about once a week to read the book and movie reviews and occasionally to take a peek at the recipes. On the other hand, I usually check The Journal’s online version if I’m at school and want to check out one or more of the article types mentioned above. While I can’t say I have a preference for one of these medium over the other, the one I check usually depends on the business of my day and which is more convenient for me. (Ex. I’ll skim the traditional version if I’m at home and I may scout out the online version if I’m at school and have a break between classes.) However, according to, the primary factor affecting newspaper readership is whether people have the money to pay for a subscription to a traditional newspaper (or want to pay for a subscription to a traditional newspaper). Similarly, I think the deciding factor for me is that, because I currently live with parents who subscribe to the hard-copy The Edmonton Journal, it is a free and readily available news medium for me. However, once I can afford a place of my own, I will probably revert to checking The Journal’s online version because of its accessibility and lack of cost.











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