Social media over traditional means: Arby’s media

Social media over traditional means: Arby’s media

Social media is usually a tool that is used by many companies and organizations to spread the content that they have already produced, so as to expand their audience, increase their engagement, and maximize the eyes who see their content.

However, as times change, more people are noticing that native Facebook, Twitter etc. content get more organic growth than content that is available elsewhere.

One company that has capitalized on native social media content in a big way is the sandwich vendor Arby’s.

Arby’s has a very clear difference between it’s TV ad spots and it’s social media, so much so that the two mediums clearly have entirely different strategies and teams working on them.

Here is a commercial from Arby’s TV spot series:

The commercials all share a similar stylistic tone and visuals. It is a man with a commanding voice saying some things that are funny, accompanied by a direct shot of food that looks really, really, really appetizing.

The commercials are clearly meant to showcase the quality of their sandwiches and the ingredients that compose the sandwiches. In addition to that, the visuals are accompanied by an imposing, but friendly narrator, which sets the tone for the viewer to enjoy what they they see, and feel comfortable with the Arby’s brand.

The commercials end with strong music cue, from the song Burial by Skrillex, to excite the audience.

It hits all the right consumer pressure points to appeal to the masses of television effectively. But in doing that, the commercial has to be vague.

Now here is an example of a social media post from Arby’s:


Arby’s social media strategy revolves around using other things in popular culture, from video games to music, to play with people’s interests and integrate them into the Arby’s brand. It’s almost as if Arby’s wants to say, “hey, we like this stuff too.”

The special thing about their social media strategy is that all of their posts that involve other brands are visualized with photos of paper-craft or food-craft using Arby’s containers or foods.

In nearly every post Arby’s makes, their social media team is applauded for the effort put into the posts.

Arby’s is capitalizing on a legitimate way of tapping into an audience that is constantly looking for their own niche interests, because that’s what they want the most, which is the entirety of the internet, including social media.

All media used is courtesy of Arby’s.




2 thoughts on “Social media over traditional means: Arby’s media

  1. I really appreciate the effort they put into their crafts for the online posts. I’m not sure how inviting the man’s voice is, though. If I’m honest, that commercial is not likely to make me want to go to Arby’s. That said, I think the ad was targeted at more masculinity-conscious audience. I think it’s interesting that the typeface they use for their slogan at the end is the same one that Burger King uses in its advertising. Interesting post, Sirikoone!

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  2. The Arby’s PR team are masters of memes to the point where they’ve attracted a ton of imitators and parody accounts. Check out the Nihilist Arby’s twitter account ( or just search for Arby’s on Tumblr. And not all of these accounts are flattering or family friendly, but Arby’s has made no effort to shut them down for copyright infringement. Essentially they’re free marketing. Whether you follow Arby’s or Nihilist Arby’s online, you’re still being made to think about Arby’s on a daily basis. They’ve already won the social media game as far as I’m concerned.

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